First, start by entering an area of the world on the front page search bar until you find an area that matches. Entering Arrival, Departure Dates and Number of Guests are optional. Click on the red "Search" button. Then click on any of the resultant property thumbnail images for more information about the property.

Getting Started

The owner's contact details are supplied on the property listing page when you press the "Make An Equiry" button. Depending on the owner's choice, you can contact them by email and/or by telephone.

SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com is purely an advertising medium for connecting renters to rental property owners - we do not get involved in negotiations or the contractual chain. We take no fees from the renter so you can cut out the middle man and deal direct with the owner.

Your best protection from fraud is your own precautions and gut feel. We strongly recommend you contact the Owner by phone, Skype, WhatsApp or something similar, especially when finalizing your arrangements. Email communications are not genuine and sufficient enough to verify you are dealing with a reputable Owner. Verbal cues are only second to face to face communications in determining the sincerity of the person you are dealing with. Ask for many details about the property. These will only be known by true the Owner/Agent of a property.

Never deal with an Owner who will not talk to you on the phone. If they have access to email, they can certainly talk to you on the phone. Contact them more than once over a period of time.

Ask for referrals. Search for comments on the internet. Search for their phone number on the internet. Are they members of a Better Business Bureau or Tourist Board?

Please contact us at Support@SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com (link sends e-mail) with any Owner listing or behavior that you deem suspicious. We will investigate to the best of our abilities. Unless we can clarify the situation, you should just pass on the property. There are many other rental vacation homes out there.

Payments and Cancellation

Payment arrangements and amounts will vary from Owner to Owner. Security and/or Damage Deposits should always be refundable and are, indeed, usually required by a Property Owner. Taxes will vary based on country, state and municipality.

A contract is usually provided. Usually you will be required to make a down payment with your reservation and asked to fully pay the rent as much as 4 weeks in advance. Never send cash by mail.

The most popular methods of payment are check and e-mail money transfer. As a guide, a currency converter is available on our links page. Currency rates are, of course, subject to market change and bank fees. Many Owners are not able to process Credit or Debit Cards. Never pay by Instant Cash transfers as this is like handing your cash over to a stranger, with little or no recourse. Never pay a third party.

You should clearly understand the cancellation procedures and penalties, if any. These should be clearly spelled out in your contract or other documentation.

Please be advised the SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com is only an advertising medium for Owner to market their rental properties. We are not in any way involved in the contract between Owner and Renter, or any of the rental arrangements there-in.

Usually you will have to make your own arrangements for cancellation insurance. Contact your insurance provider of preference.

Two companies that we know of that provide this type of insurance are: Travel Guard (link is external) and Access America (link is external).

Security deposit returns will vary by Vacation Home Owner. You should expect them to be returned within 7 - 14 calendar days. Please check with the Owner for details.

What to Expect

Please be advised the SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com is only an advertising medium for Owners to market their rental properties. We are not in any way involved in the contract between Owner and Renter, or any of the rental arrangements there-in.

Getting the keys varies by Owner. Check with the Owner for details.

Check in times and check out times vary by Vacation Home. Check with the Owner for details.

The Owner should provide with full directions on how to get to their Vacation Home.

Ensure you have all of the contact details you need before you arrive. This means the owner and his local representative. If you are arriving after hours make sure you have what you need to gain access to the property. Remember, SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com is merely an advertising medium and is unable to respond to problems that you may encounter with your rental, neither on arrival nor during your stay.

Amenities will vary widely when renting a privately owned Vacation home. These are not like hotels or resorts. Standards and tastes vary from Owner to Owner. Especially in rural properties, you may need to "make do", to some extent. Country insects and even mice can occur at any time and should be expected as part of country living. Water and septic system usage must be taken into consideration when renting rural properties. Conservation is the name of the day.

You must follow the particular conditions for occupancy of a particular Vacation Home. This means, but is not limited to, number of guests allowed, smoking, pets, etc.

Usually an information binder or folder will be available at the Vacation Home. This binder will advise you of any and all rules. Please be respectful and abide by them. Most will also include local attractions and "Things To Do".

  • Phone calls: If a local land line phone is available you will be able to use it for local calls. Any long distance calls should be charged to a calling card or home phone. Any long distance charges will be charged back to you separately.

  • Septic systems: If the Vacation Home is on a septic system the only things allowed down the drain are natural human waste and toilet paper. Anything else, including wet wipes, tampons, food, grease, etc can easily clog up the system and result in charges back to you. Please advise all children and guests of these rules, and ensure they follow them.

  • Well and Lake Water Pumps and Power failures: If the Vacation Home is on a well or lake water pump and the power fails you must stop running any water. This includes flush toilets, taps, etc. This is because pumps run off electricity and if you run the water while the power is off you will empty the water lines which will require them to be re-primed, etc.

  • Rural Vacation Homes and Garbage Disposal: Most rural Vacation Homes do not have garbage pick up and you will have to bring your garbage to the local dump. Information about how to do this should be in the local information package. If a dump card is required to use the local dump please ensure you leave it behind in its original place. Owners will deduct a fee from your damage deposit if you leave garbage behind. Some Owners will provide a service for this at an extra charge. Enquire with your Owner for details.

  • Parking: Please follow any and all rules regarding parking. Especially at rural Vacation Properties, failure to park in designated areas could result in major damage to septic beds.

  • Rural Vacation Homes and Campfires: Camp fires can only be made if the Owner allows it and if a fire pit exists. Camp fire sizes are locally regulated and must be contained and supervised. Familiarize yourself with local rules and regulations and whether or not a fire ban is in existence. Failure to do so may result in fines to the Owner and charge backs to you. Check with the Owner for details. Always douse fire thoroughly with water before leaving it.

  • Pets: Check the Vacation Home listing and the Owner for rules on pets. Some properties allow them and some don't. If pets are allowed please keep them off the furniture and beds, as other guests may have allergies to various pet hair. Always keep your pet in control, off any neighbor's property and off the road. Please always clean up after your pet. Sometimes there are extra charges for cleaning up after pet droppings.

  • Water Safety: Because of liability issues most Owners do not provide motorized water craft. However, if you so desire, you should be able to arrange for water craft rentals from local marinas and/or outfitters. Ask the Owner for more details about this. You must be familiar with local laws, regulations and rules for operating water craft in local waters. Many locations require local boaters' licenses. We recommend you acquire a local water way map for navigating the local waters.

  • Be a good neighbor: While you are a guest at a Vacation Home please be a good neighbor. This means respecting property lines. Unless explicitly invited, do not use other people's waterfront, beaches, woods, etc. Keep noise to a minimum and remember that sound travels very easily and far over water.

  • Upon your departure: You must leave the property in the condition you found it in, or better. If a cleaning service is not provided or purchased separately you must thoroughly clean and tidy the Vacation Home. All garbage removal rules must be followed. Failure to do so could result in extra deductions from your damage deposit.

What to Bring

Most vacation homes come with fully equipped kitchens which usually means all dishes, cutlery, glasses, cookware, etc. that you will need. Many also offer various appliances such as microwave, dishwasher, etc. Check the detailed Vacation Home listing and/or ask the owner about these details.  In particular, ask about the provision of linens and towels - these are different in most cases.

  • Bed Linens and towels: In many cases towels, bed sheets and pillow cases are not provided. Usually blankets and pillows are. Sometimes a linen service is available, and may or may not be an extra charge. Check the detailed property listing and/or ask the owner.

  • Drinking water: Well and lake water supply are very common, especially in rural areas. Even if these are filtered and tested pure it is a good idea to bring drinking water. You can bring your own or purchase it locally. You should also practice conservation of water, especially when supplied from a well. Wells can run dry and take several hours to replenish. Limit showers, laundry loads, etc.

  • Cell Phone and/or Calling Card: Since the advent of the Cell Phone, many Vacation Homes do not come equipped with a land line phone, and if they do, long distance dialing is usually blocked. For this reason you should bring your own cell phone and/or calling card.

  • Life jackets: Sometimes life jackets are offered, but this is considered personal safety wear and it is recommended you bring your own. Life jackets must fit properly and be approved by the appropriate local authorities. One life jacket must be worn or available for each person on any boating vessel, including canoes and kayaks.

  • Water shoes: Most lakes in North America are infested with Zebra mussels. It is recommended you wear water shoes in most lakes for foot protection

  • Other items: Sun block, insect repellent, camera, games, books and DVDs/videos for rainy days, (check the listing for availability of TVs, VCR, or DVD players), fishing equipment.