You may want to bring?

  • Bed Linens and towels: In many cases towels, bed sheets and pillow cases are not provided. Usually blankets and pillows are. Sometimes a linen service is available, and may or may not be an extra charge. Check the detailed property listing and/or ask the owner.

  • Drinking water: Well and lake water supply are very common, especially in rural areas. Even if these are filtered and tested pure it is a good idea to bring drinking water. You can bring your own or purchase it locally. You should also practice conservation of water, especially when supplied from a well. Wells can run dry and take several hours to replenish. Limit showers, laundry loads, etc.

  • Cell Phone and/or Calling Card: Since the advent of the Cell Phone, many Vacation Homes do not come equipped with a land line phone, and if they do, long distance dialing is usually blocked. For this reason you should bring your own cell phone and/or calling card.

  • Life jackets: Sometimes life jackets are offered, but this is considered personal safety wear and it is recommended you bring your own. Life jackets must fit properly and be approved by the appropriate local authorities. One life jacket must be worn or available for each person on any boating vessel, including canoes and kayaks.

  • Water shoes: Most lakes in North America are infested with Zebra mussels. It is recommended you wear water shoes in most lakes for foot protection

  • Other items: Sun block, insect repellent, camera, games, books and DVDs/videos for rainy days, (check the listing for availability of TVs, VCR, or DVD players), fishing equipment.

What to Bring