All our listing options offer:

  • Full-featured listing - with full description.
  • Up to 20 photographs of your property.
  • Availability calendar that you can edit and link to from your own site.
  • Ability to link to another availability calendar
  • Ability to link to your own web site.
  • Owner profile option to personalize your listing.
  • Inquiry form - to receive bookings direct from renters.
  • Statistics for each of your property listings.

Listing Options

BronzeBasic Ranking in search results.Free for a limited time. $99US/yr after the first year will soon apply
SilverRanked above Bronze in search results. 1-Month Featured Listing rotation in exclusive 'Featured Rental' area.$129US/yr
GoldRanked above Silver and Bronze in search results. 3-Month Featured Listing rotation in exclusive 'Featured Rental' area.$159US/yr

Featured Listings

Featured listings are a great way to get extra exposure when there are lots of listings in your area . Featured Listings place your property at the top of the search results page for your region (suburb, city, broader area, and state pages) and within the Featured areas on all the SVHR sites that come with your subscription .

Featured listings are offered for:

1 month$19US (free with Silver subscription)
3 months$39US (free with Gold subscription)
6 months$59US
12 months$99US

How To Get Started

Under “My Homes” you have the ability to purchase a Featured Listing using the “Buy Now” button.

Special Deals

Special Deals are shown separately in the left hand navigation bar and are great for your last minute selloffs, discounts or any other special offer you might like to make.

Special Deals (2 weeks)$10US
Special Deals (4 weeks)$20US
Special Deals (6 weeks)$30US
Special Deals (8 weeks)$40US
Special Deals (10 weeks)$50US

How To Get Started

Under “My Homes” you have the ability to purchase a Special Deal using the “Buy Now” button.

Listing upload service ($50US)

  • We can create your listing for you on our web site.
  • All you need to do is fill in a template form we will send you, provide us with up to 20 pictures (not water marked nor copy-protected), and we'll do all the rest for you.
  • You can also point us to an existing online listing and we'll harvest any and all relevant information from that listing.