British Columbia

British Columbia

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Bearadise' at Settlers Crossing
starting from $250.00 p.n.
At Trails End Chalet
starting from $740.00 p.n.
Billings Spit Beach House
starting from $375.00 p.n.
Napili Shores, Ocean View on Napili Bay
starting from $33.57 p.n.
Fraser Riverview Holiday Apartment
starting from $110.00 p.n.
Beautiful Qualicum Landing Beach House (fully furnished) (10 minutes north of town)
starting from $228.57 p.n.
Cottage of Tranquility
starting from $130.00 p.n.
2 bedroom Self Catering Apartment in Coquitlam's ' Starlight Suite'!
starting from $90.00 p.n.
2 bedroom Self Catering Apartment in Coquitlam
starting from $110.00 p.n.
A Dutch Treat
starting from $14.29 p.n.
2 bedroom Holiday Home in Parksville
starting from $125.00 p.n.
1 bedroom Condominium in Whistler Village North
starting from $78.57 p.n.

The Wide Range of Vacation Home Rentals in British Columbia

Visitors to British Columbia are spoilt for choice by the wide range of activities and attractions available but are always assured of the best accommodation courtesy of a vast variety of Vacation Home Rentals. Attracting over 20 million tourists each year, British Columbia is the ideal destination for visitors from all over the world. The province’s motto, “Splendour without Diminishment”, gives an idea of what you expect here but only a personal visit could make this truly clear.

B.C.’s size and its geography, among other advantages, contribute to make it the ideal tourist destination. For size, B.C. is third largest province in Canada meaning also that it has more to offer than provinces of smaller size. Size aside, B.C.’s real appeal is its natural attractions. Endowed with great mountains a wonderful coastline and hundreds of islands, it is the dream destination for sea lovers.

One of the most popular tourist destinations for skiers is the resort town of Whistler. While the huge number of annual visitors is testimony to the resort’s popularity, perhaps what really proves that it is not your ordinary resort is the fact that it hosted the 2010 winter Olympics. Visitors here get to enjoy world class skiing facilities and accommodation courtesy of the in the town.

B.C.’s capital city, Victoria, is another favorite destination for tourists. The city features great diversity – it is home to the most modern buildings and yet carries plenty of the province’s history via its ancient but well preserved buildings. Add to this the fact that the city is surrounded by mountains and sits adjacent to the sea to see how idyllic it truly is. If attractions in Victoria are diverse, so are the accommodations. Here, you get to choose from cottage rentals, B&Bs and condo rentals among others.

Where to get the most private vacation rentals BC

If you desire to reside in the privacy of a house probably similar to your home, you should consider one of the many cottage rentals by owner available. Whatever part of B.C. you choose to visit, from Vancouver to Thompson Okanagan and the Gulf Islands, this kind of Vacation Rental is widely available.

B.C is home to many beautiful gardens; the gardens easily flourish courtesy of the province’s good supply of rainfall and the mild temperature. The most popular of these is Stanley Park whose fame spreads all over Canada. Bird watchers visiting the park have the time of their life watching and taking snaps of swans, blue herons, raccoons and eagles. Within the park’s vicinity are many Home Rentals that you could retire to at the end of the day.

Is lavender one of your favourite plants? Then you will enjoy yourself visiting the Okanagan Lavender Farm. Other gardens worth a visit include Minter, VanDunsen botanical gardens and the Butchart.

For camping, B.C. has hazy forests, alpine lakes and mountains that make for a great camping experience. While spending a night out in the mountains is certainly worth the experience, you have the option of many cottage rentals.

The diversity of B.C.’s Rentals BC means that there is something for everyone – if you seek celeb luxury or are operating on a shoe string contact www.SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com for the vacation home you desire.

A visit to B.C. is really the only way to enjoy the province’s never diminishing splendor. When you are ready to travel, remember to visit www.SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com for a selection of B.C. vacation rentals BC.

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