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The Shenandoah Ri Image 1 of 3
From the rustic beauty of luxury log cabins, the warmth and simplicity of a traditionally styled river cabin, or the quaint charm of a river cottage
1,000.00 USD per Week
(Virginia Beach , Virginia)
Sleeps: 18
Grand Oceanfront Luxury Vacation Home w/ POOL and HOT TUB. for information.
8,995.00 USD per Week
"Magic River"  Image 1 of 3
"Magic River"
(Luray , Virginia)
Sleeps: 4
Escape to the serene beauty of the Shenandoah River and the breath taking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Fort Lewis Lodge  Image 1 of 3
A full-service country inn at the heart of a 3,200-acre mountain estate. Outdoor activities abound with miles of river trout and bass fishing, swimming, extensive hiking trails, mountain biking, magnificent views and abundant wildlife.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Sprawling 6 Bedroom  Image 1 of 3
Sprawling 6 Bedroom Home in the Wintergreen Resort
(Roseland , Virginia)
Sleeps: 14
The Wintergreen Chalet is a sprawling 6-bedroom 4.5 bath home located at the top of Devil's Knob Mountain within the Wintergreen Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The home sleeps 12-14 comfortably and is available for rent daily or weekly th
299.00 USD per Week
Sunset Ridge Chal Image 1 of 3
Sunset Ridge Chalet
(Madison , Virginia)
Sleeps: 6
This secluded house is comfortably furnished with a home like atmosphere.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Alcoa Cabin Image 1 of 3
Alcoa Cabin
(Luray , Virginia)
Sleeps: 4
This is one of four cabins available by Brenwood Rentals, LLC
1,000.00 USD per Week
Old Rag Mountain  Image 1 of 3
Old Rag Mountain Cabin
(Syria , Virginia)
Sleeps: 6
This cozy, rustic, mountain retreat is situated on four secluded acres in the Shenandoah/Blue Ridge Parkway area.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Hummingbird Inn 	 Image 1 of 8
Hummingbird Inn
(Goshen , Virginia)
Sleeps: 4
Enjoy a romantic setting and warm country hospitality in our unique Lexington, VA area bed and breakfast,
1,000.00 USD per Week
Arthur's Wilderne Image 1 of 3
Arthur's Wilderness Retreat
(Troutdale , Virginia)
Sleeps: 12
Arthur's Wilderness Retreat is a 6-bedroom cabin, 1 bedroom that is detached from the main dwelling. It has 5 full sized beds and 2 twidwelling.
1,000.00 USD per Week

Virginia Vacation Homes For Rent

The Diversity of Vacation Home Rentals in Historical Virginia

Famous as it is as the “Mother of Presidents”, Virginia is equally, if not more famous, for its great variety of vacation home rentals and breathtaking natural beauty. The State’s history is so intricately woven with that of the rest of the US that history buffs have to study Virginia if they hope to understand both medieval and current US history. However, the State has more to offer than just history and that explains the huge number of visitors it attracts every year.

The yearly pilgrimages to Virginia by lovers of history should give you an idea of how historically important the State is. For starters, it is the birthplace of George Washington and one of the most visited places in the State is his home which has since been refurbished and converted into a national monument. A visit to the city of Charlottesville gives you the opportunity to learn about another founding father, Thomas Jefferson. Notice also the close proximity of Virginia to Washington DC to see how close the State is to both the country’s ancient and current history. For medieval history and the birth of the US as we know it today, Virginia features prominently as a home for the first settlers and was of central focus during the civil war.

Historical as it is, Virginia has much more to offer and, should you care nothing at all about history, there are many alternative attractions. In fact, these alternative attractions sit side by side with the most historical monuments as do the wide variety of vacation home rentals available. Whether you visit Virginia for historical or other reasons, the quality of the accommodation available is never in doubt.

Your next ski chalet rental or cabin rental in Virginia

For winter visitors, a wide range of winter sports is available. The State is home to many ski trails which attract many visitors every year. Ski resorts here are famous for both the quality of their ski trails and winter accommodation courtesy of a plentiful supply of Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals and cabin rentals.

For natural beauty, Virginia is greatly endowed as you will notice when visiting the world-famous Shenandoah Valley. The valley is a 200+ mile stretch of spectacular sights and is known to host art fairs all year. It also home to many excellent golf courses – a photographic record of these courses would be good for the memory but it might be even more enjoyable to go golfing here.

Equally famous with tourists are the Blue Ridge Mountains. Viewing the mountains from a hot air balloon gives you an excellent view of the well-kept orchards, ponds and farms below as well the true majesty of the Shenandoah Valley. The ideal time for the hot air balloon ride would be at sunset as you will get to understand why the other name for the mountains is The Blue Range. To complement the great sights is a whole array of Virginia vacation home rentals. For the full range of available accommodations, make sure to contact Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

If you choose to stay close to the water, how about visiting the Chesapeake Bay where you could indulge in many water activities including kayaking, paddling and fishing while enjoying a wide variety of seafood. Should your holiday be spent on Virginia’s beaches, you could take to surfing or simply sit back and get entertained by the dolphins. Whatever you do at the beach, great vacation home rentals are nearby in the from of beach house rentals, B&Bs and condo rentals.

To make your reservation for a vacation home rental in any State or Canadian province, make sure to contact us or visit where a comprehensive list is available.