South Dakota , United States Vacation Home Rentals

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LARIAT - HILL CIT Image 1 of 9
(Hill City , South Dakota)
Sleeps: 10
Excellent lodging in the Heart of the Black Hills - close to all the major attractions including Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, and many, many more.
315.00 USD per Day
The Original Bunk Image 1 of 3
The Original Bunk House
(Hermosa , South Dakota)
Sleeps: 4
Our original bunk house is also available and has 2 bedrooms with 2 twin beds in each room, a queen bed and a day bed. It also has a full kitchen with some cooking pans and utensils, drip coffee maker, microwave, small dining area in kitchen, living room
200.00 USD per Week
JADE PLACE - HILL Image 1 of 8
(Hill City , South Dakota)
Sleeps: 10
This home-away-from-home offers ultimate privacy just minutes from Mt. Rushmore and other major Black Hills Attractions.
295.00 USD per Day
OUTLAW INN - HILL Image 1 of 7
(Hill City , South Dakota)
Sleeps: 10
Even though this vacation home has an excellent location not far from the main highway, guests will often times see abundant wildlife right in the yard - Deer, Turkey and of course, our famous Big Horn Sheep!
315.00 USD per Day
BELMONT CABIN - H Image 1 of 8
(Hill City , South Dakota)
Sleeps: 4
Take a step back in time with this cozy 50-year-old authentic log cabin tucked away in heart of the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Close to Mt. Rushmore and all major Black Hills Attractions!
108.00 USD per Day
ALL OF OUR VACATI Image 1 of 14
(Hill City , South Dakota)
Sleeps: 12
All of our cabins are licensed by the South Dakota Department of Health. We comply with Department of Revenue and local zoning ordinances to assure the best quality for our guests.
245.00 USD per Day
Millers' Lodging Image 1 of 3
Millers' Lodging
(Akaska , South Dakota)
Sleeps: 10
Call us about Prairie Dog Hunting. This is a good sport to include with your fishing trip or pheasant hunting trip.
1,000.00 USD per Week

South Dakota Vacation Homes For Rent

South Dakota: Mount Rushmore State’s Attractions and Friendly Vacation Home Rentals

Legendary as the friendliness of the people of South Dakota is the diverse and comfortable range of vacation home rentals.  A favorite holiday destination for many, the State is home to some of the most comprehensive visual wonders, both artificial and natural, that keep visitors returning each year. Come here and marvel at the State’s Black Hills, the breathtaking mountain ranges and the lush grasslands. Witness too the rich history of the Native American Indians and join in the social occasions where song and dance are the norm.

The wonders and vacation home rentals that a vacation here guarantees

For the most memorable vacation, you must see the scenic byways that South Dakota is famous for. South Dakota holds the distinction of hosting the profiles of four of America’s most powerful leaders who, individually and collectively, have greatly shaped the nation’s history. A visit to the iconic Mount Rushmore is therefore a must – here you will see the profiles of these four individuals: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson.

While you can visit this famous park any time, the ideal day would July 4th for the most spectacular fireworks display. At the park too, remember to find out why it is a symbol of freedom by following the park’s 30-minute trail. The area around Mount Rushmore is also home to a very wide range of vacation home rentals including ski chalet rentals, condo rentals and cottage rentals.

Want to witness history in the making? Then you must head to Custer County’s Black Hills to witness the creation of the monumental Crazy Horse Memorial. When completed, this will be the world’s largest sculpture and it won’t hurt you to say “have been there” when it starts making headlines. For a taste of true natural beauty, make sure you also visit the Badlands National Park. You might even obtain a free admission. Should you wish to spend the night in the areas close to this park, there are plenty of cottage rentals available. Available options include Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Attractions, activities and vacation home rentals always nearby

Custer State Park is not just famous for its breathtaking scenery but also for the diversity of activities it offers. Occupying a massive 71,000 acres, the park is as famous for its granite formations as it for such diverse activities as canoeing, paddle boating and kayaking among others. Spending your day here could easily leave you exhausted and there is no better way to end the day than by checking into one of the many vacation home rentals or ski chalet rentals nearby. The range of possibilities includes cottage rentals by owner as well as condo rentals. To find out the full range of vacation home rentals available near Custer and other parks, please see the list available at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

South Dakota is the dream vacation destination because of its wonderful attractions, its historical significance, its very friendly people (Dakota means ‘friend’), and its diverse and affordable vacation home rentals.

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