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Cedar Ridge Cabins
(Wiggins , Mississippi)
Sleeps: 6
We are located on six acres with a two-acre stocked pond. Totally furnished, sleeps six. All you need to bring is food.
1,000.00 USD per Week

Mississippi Vacation Homes For Rent

Mississippi’s Diverse Attractions, Great History and Vacation Home Rentals

Greatly endowed with wonderful holiday attractions, a long history and wonderful vacation home rentals, Mississippi is an ideal holiday destination. The climate is especially ideal – the State has a subtropical climate and therefore has long summers while its short winters are quite mild.

Places to visit and vacation home rentals to lodge in

Perhaps the ideal starting point for your Mississippi holiday should be the famous Mississippi river. The subject of many songs and writings, this river, which is also the nation’s second longest, originates from Lake Itasca, Minnesota and flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The river’s immense history is captured at Tunica River Park’s Mississippi Museum. Should you wish to spend your night in the areas close to the park and the river, choose from a wide variety of vacation home rentals available such as beach house rentals, cottage rentals and cabin rentals.

For farming enthusiasts, Mississippi has much to offer with its many buffalo ranches and catfish farms. Make a point to also visit the many dairy and cotton farms and to enjoy live the processes of cheese making and pumpkin churning. Want to experience a “spooky night thrill?” Take a walk in the mazes in the State’s famous corn fields. For some physical activity, try biking, hiking and jogging at the legendary Mississippi River Trail. Should wish to spend your night near the farmlands, there are plenty of Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals readily available.

A holiday in Mississippi is never complete without a visit to the State’s capital, Jackson City. A favorite spot here is the City’s Museum of Natural Science which also happens to be among the nation’s leading natural science museums. Visit the museum’s greenhouse which holds many rare animal species such as alligators and the aquarium whose exhibits of aquatic life are in excess of 200. Equally popular is the city’s Jackson Zoo where you can see many exotic beasts. Accommodation in Jackson City should not present a challenge either as there are many vacation home rentals including condo rentals and cabin rentals. The full list of Mississippi vacation home rentals and beach house rentals is available at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

The State of Mississippi has a history that is so ancient it goes back to the ice ages.  The State has consistently played a central role in the nation’s history and you would need to study it for a better understanding of Native American history, the Civil War and, of course, slavery. Visit too the many historical buildings spread across the State such as the famous St. Mary’s Cathedral. Built in 1873, this building features not only very unique architecture but also holds special religious significance.

If you are musical, Mississippi is the place to be. This home of Elvis Presley and B.B. King is also the birthplace of prominent music genres among them rock and roll and blues. Visit the night clubs and listen to local radio stations to enjoy the wide variety of music available. Whichever metropolitan part of the State you might be in, look for the diverse range of vacation home rentals available including beach house rentals, cottage rentals and condo rentals. Mississippi’s attractions guarantee that you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

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