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Enjoy a variety of creek side cabins with mountain views.
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Located on a beautiful hill with trees surrounding and many hiking areas.
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Iowa Vacation Homes For Rent

Iowa’s Splendid Attractions and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

Officially nicknamed the Hawkeye State but known to most people as the “Corn State”, Iowa is a popular holiday destination mainly due to its range of attractions and elegant vacation home rentals. The not-too-flattering Corn State tag might mislead you to believe that being in Iowa is just like taking leave on a large farm. While the State utilizes the huge percentage of its land for agricultural activities, there are still plenty of attractions and activities that keep visitors coming. Cottage Rentals in Iowa

Iowa’s favorite tourist spots and vacation home rentals

While there are countless tourist spots in the State, some of the most popular include the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, Amana Colonies and the Effigy Mounds National Monument.

The Amana Colonies are a favorite with many tourists because of their unique architecture and their historical significance. The colonies comprise 7 German villages and were established in the 19th century. Apart from celebrating the history of the nation’s ancestors, this a good place to view splendid historical crafts. In the neighborhood of Amana Colonies you will also find a diverse range of vacation home rentals including condo rentals and cottage rentals. For a full list of possible vacation home rental options, please visit Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

For a real taste of what Iowa’s Cedar Falls city has to offer, make your visit in late June when many parades, carnivals and talent shows are held. Christened The Sturgis Falls, these shows have continued to use this name which was also the name by which Cedar Falls was known for a long time.

Iowa also has an abundant supply of wildlife which you can enjoy in a variety of locations. Some of the leading tourist destinations in this regard include Wilson Island, Pleasant Creek, Brushy Creek, Volga River and Badger Creek. In some of these places, you not only enjoy watching the animals but can also go hunting. One of the places you should consider visiting if you are a hunter is the Mines of Spain but you need to obtain a go ahead from the management as hunting is only allowed seasonally.  Near the various parks are many vacation home rentals including Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals and condo rentals.

The major cities of Iowa are popular with tourists who go there for diverse activities including golfing as well as shopping and dining. A leading city worth visiting in this regard is the State’s capital city, Iowa City. Another popular destination for metropolitan attractions is the State’s second largest city, Cedar Rapids which, in addition to providing all the attractions you expect in a major city, is also home to the famous Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra. The cities also have abundant vacation home rentals including cottage rentals and condo rentals.

Iowa’s historical significance goes back to the very origins of the nation and it is therefore home to many sites and historically relevant buildings. Some of the most distinctive historical structures here include President Herbert Hoover’s museum and library as well as Hitchcock House.

Quite evidently, there is enough in both rural and metropolitan Iowa to meet the most demanding vacation demands. To fully enjoy your getaway in various locations in the US and Canada, make your reservation for a vacation home rental from the list available at our specialized regional website