Maple Syrup Festival - Celebrating The Canadian Tradition

It’s that maple syrup festival time of the year again when the scent of Spring is in the air but it still feels like winter.  Warm days and freezing nights causes sap to drip down Maple Tree trunks, and the maple syrup makers are busy harvesting them to create liquid gold!

8 Romantic Vacation Destinations in Canada for a summer break

Most people think of Canada as cold and stark, but there are many romantic vacation destinations that will warm your heart and get your blood running when looking for a romantic vacation to spice up your relationship with that special someone.  Here’s just a few.

Ottawa Tulip Festival 2017

The Canadian Tulip Festival is also known as the Ottawa Tulip Festival and is held in Ottawa every year during the middle of May.  For 2017 over 1 million Ottawa tulips will be on display between May 12 and May 22.  Over 50 varieties of tulips will flourish in over 250,000 flower beds along dozens of kilometers and several routes through Ottawa, which you can walk, bike or jog.

Trips in Canada

Trips in Canada are among the best in the world.  As the second largest country on the planet, Canada is so large, and the weather so diverse that the range of experiences that can be had are second to none.  If you plan it right, any travel in Canada can be made to include a wildlife tour and or a nature tour.  Let’s start trip on the west coast and work our way to the east coast.

7 Great Canadian Adventures

Considering the size and breadth of Canada there is no shortage of Canadian adventures to explore and thrill in. For your Canada adventure trip here are only seven of the more off beat adventures you can avail yourself of.

Top Destinations in Canada to Travel in 2017

As the second largest country on the planet, the country is so vast and beautiful; it is difficult to narrow down the best places to visit in Canada. Let’s get started with some of the better known AND lesser known top destinations in Canada