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Margarita Island Ocean View Vacation Rental Apartment
(Porlamar , Nueva Esparta)
Sleeps: 4
Sleeps 4 people. Fully equipped kitchen, microwave, linens and towels, air conditioned, pool, secure parking area, Internet connection, DirectTV, water tank in the apartment to ensure a continuous supply.
240.00 USD per Week
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Margarita Island Villa
(El Agua , Nueva Esparta)
Sleeps: 4
Caribbean paradise. This lovely margarita island home has its own private pool and tropical garden. We also have 3 other homes that you can choose from.
350.00 USD per Week

Venezuela: Splendid Attractions and Sophisticated Vacation Home Rentals in the Country of Many Firsts

Whether you choose to start your holiday on Venezuela’s Caribbean coast or in the wilds of the Canaima, you are assured of a wide range of Venezuelan vacation home rentals and you therefore have no excuse to spend your money on expensive and uncomfortable hotel accommodation. Typical Venezuelan vacation home rentals to look out for include Venezuelan beach house rentals, Venezuelan apartment rentals, Venezuelan villa rentals, Venezuelan seaside cottage rentals and Venezuelan cottage rentals by owner. For a full listing of regional vacation home rentals in North America, please see the listings available at the dedicated regional website

More wonderful attractions and more vacation home rentals

Visitors landing in the Venezuelan capital Caracas might be tempted to spend most of their holiday here but real adventure awaits you in the tranquil countryside. You should therefore plan to spend time in the expansive Mochima National Park in the country’s north coast. Covering an area of close to 100,000 hectares, it is home to wonderful beaches and villages and an expansive marine park. In addition to taking part in a host of water activities here (diving, fishing, snorkeling), you get to enjoy the sight of whales and dolphins as well as a great variety of birds.

It is also in Venezuela that you have the chance of riding in the world’s highest cable car. You get to enjoy this in the Venezuelan city of Pico Bolivar as you look down on the breathtaking Andes Mountains below.

Relatively unknown (other than for political reasons), Venezuela is such a wonderful holiday destination whose splendidly unique attractions and diverse range of vacation home rentals cater for every tourist’s needs. For those who know the country, it comes as a complete surprise that such a wonderful destination could remain so anonymous.

Venezuela is home to some attractions that other destinations can only dream about. You certainly know about the attractiveness of the Caribbean and how countries with a Caribbean coastline have turned it into their acre of diamonds but did you know that Venezuela has the longest of those Caribbean coastlines? Beach House Rentals in Venezuela

In total, Venezuela has close to 1,800 kilometers of coastline and is home to some of the most unspoiled and unexplored beaches you can ever hope to get. Enjoying pleasant tropical weather throughout the year, Venezuela’s Caribbean beaches are the place to be for fun and relaxation throughout the year. Leading destinations in this category include the cities of La Ascuncion and Porlamar. Part of the expansive and ever-popular island of Margarita, the beaches in these cities abound with countless water activities including swimming, diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

Venezuela is also home to the world’s largest waterfall, the Angel Falls. Quite incredibly, this wonder was undiscovered until as recently as the 1930s when American James Angel was astounded by the sight as he overflew it (hence the name). Part of the vast Canaima National Park, the waterfalls have a height of close to 1,000 meters and the park in which they are located has very rare fauna. You get to best enjoy the magnificence of this natural wonder by taking a plane ride over it although those who reach it by boat (it is not accessible by road) have the additional benefit of enjoying swimming, hiking and canoeing in the park in addition to obtaining the most memorable jungle photos.

If urban Venezuela fails to appeal to you, wild Venezuela awaits you with its wonderful array of excellent attractions. Available in equal abundance, both in the cities and countryside is a great collection of Venezuelan vacation home rentals and you should consider reserving a Venezuela condo rental, a Venezuelan villa rental or a Venezuelan beach house rental.

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