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Luxury Ocean Fron Image 1 of 15
Luxury Ocean Fron apartment with Pool, Sauna & Gym
(Miraflores District , Lima)
Sleeps: 7
Exclusive condominium with panoramic ocean view, located on the seafront in one of the best areas of Miraflores, near to Marriot hotel and Larco Mar. (extra service bedroom is included).
150.00 USD per Week
Luxury 1 bedroom apa Image 1 of 3
Luxury 1 bedroom apartment the heart of miraflores
(Miraflores District )
Sleeps: 6
This one bedroom apartment is located in central Miraflores with an incredible view and just two blocks from Kennedy Park and a few minutes stroll from Larco Mar, the mall on on the Pacific. The apartment is close to everything- restaurants, casinos,
55.00 USD per Week
(Miraflores District , Lima)
Sleeps: 6
They are 2 bedrooms apartments, the main one has a Queen bed, a private bathroom and has a beautiful ocean view, the other has two full beds.
80.00 USD per Day
2 bedroom Condomi Image 1 of 6
2 bedroom Condominium in Lima
(lima , Lima)
Sleeps: 4
Great Condominium close to the beach ., Furniture, maintenance, hot water, electricity, telephone, cable, internet, 24h security, housekeeper.
90.00 USD per Day

Peru: The Land of Incredible Diversity, Rare Beauty and Posh Vacation Home Rentals

Located in South America, Peru is a land of such immensely diverse attractions and home to affordable and sophisticated vacation home rentals that every tourist’s need is catered for. Consider for starters that Peru has three diverse geographical regions – a vast jungle, breathtaking mountains and a pacific coastline that runs close to 2,500 kilometers to get an idea of the holiday activity possibilities that a visit here makes possible. Consider too the fact that more than 50% of Peru’s land is part of the Amazon jungle and you’ll begin to understand why it is a leading center for eco-tourism.

Peru is first and foremost the destination of choice for history buffs and archeologists. That explains why the leading tourist attraction in the whole of the country is the inland city of Cuzco which has also been christened “the Archeological Capital of the Americas”.

A visit to Cuzco probably gives you the best possible opportunity to understand Peru’s recent and ancient history. While Peru is an old land that has witnessed several civilizations, none left more enduring and fascinating structures than the Inca Civilization. The most impressive Inca site and Peru’s foremost attraction is Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located high in the mountains of Cuzco. Villa Rentals in Peru

While there is plenty of Inca architecture throughout Cuzco, the influence of the Spanish (who were the first Europeans here) is also evident.

Strategically located on the Pacific Coast, the country’s capital, Lima, is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and several museums that tell the Peruvian story in great detail. Leading museums not to be missed include the National Museum of Peruvian Culture and the Museum of Art.

A bustling metropolis and the gateway to the country, Lima is also very representative of Peru’s diversity. While the city center teems with history, the city’s coast is home to pristine beaches where countless water activities are available. Enjoy too the sight of the mountains that surround Lima or venture into the desert close to the city.

Visitors to Cuzco, Lima and other Peruvian cities are also treated to a very diverse range of vacation home rentals and you never need to opt for expensive hotel accommodation. Possible Peruvian vacation home rentals to look out for include Peruvian beach house rentals, Peruvian villa rentals, Peruvian condo rentals as well as Peruvian ski chalet rentals.

Adventures in the wild close to great vacation home rentals

Considering that more than 50% of Peru is part of the Amazon, no visit here would be complete without enjoying the diverse and rare flora and fauna available in this awesome basin. Make a point to visit one or several of the country’s national parks (such as the Cuzco’s Manu National Park) or go mountain climbing. If the winter finds you here, enjoy the country’s budding skiing spots. All the cities and towns on Peru’s long coastline have unspoilt white-sand beaches ideal for swimming and surfing.

Whether you end the day on coastal Peru or in the Amazon jungle, Peruvian vacation home rentals are always available nearby as you will learn by browsing the list at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. Before starting your holiday, make sure you have a reserved a Peruvian beach house rental, a Peruvian apartment rental, a Peruvian seaside cottage rental or a Peruvian ski chalet rental by owner.

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