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(Bogota , Cundinamarca)
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3,500.00 USD per Month

Colombia’s Unknown Diversity and Wide Range of Vacation Home Rentals

With a coastline that runs close to 2,000 kilometers, Colombia is home to some of the most pristine beaches and a visit here would not be complete without spending time in the coastal regions. Colombian beaches are many and attractive and choosing the one to spend time can be a challenge. A leading resort is Santa Marta with its wide range of elegant bars, wide-ranging beach activities and the widest collection of Colombian vacation home rentals. Spend time here and enjoy activities such as beach volleyball, surfing and snorkeling.

Santa Marta is also famous because of its close vicinity to Cartagena, a popular city which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Cartagena, take time to explore the nearby Parque National Park (where there’s plenty of hiking and a very diverse range of rare flora and fauna). Reserve your accommodation from a diverse range of Colombian vacation home rentals that includes Colombian beach house rentals, Colombian seaside cottage rentals and Colombian apartment rentals. There also plenty of beaches on the Pacific Coast which also host some national parks, rainforests and reserves.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Colombia is the fact that her wide range of excellent tourist attractions and elegant vacation home rentals has largely remained unknown. The country certainly has had a troubled past and all you’re likely to hear coming from that corner of the world are stories of drug barons and unmitigated homicides. Yet the situation is not as bad as you might have been made to believe.

One of Colombia’s greatest attractions is its diversity. The country has five different regions featuring extremities such as the cold Andes Mountains, the plains close to the Venezuelan border, and two coastal regions on the Atlantic and the Pacific. Of course Colombia carries a substantial part of the Amazon Rainforest with its wonderful attractions. Beach House Rentals inn Colombia

Colombia’s capital city, Bogota, is one of the country’s leading attractions with its close vicinity to the breathtaking Monserrate Mountains. The city also helps you get a glimpse of the country’s long history from some of its museums especially the Botero Museum and the Gold Museum. Other landmarks worth visiting here include the Salt Cathedral and the Historical District. Bogota is also home to affordable and elegant Colombian vacation home rentals as you’ll see by visiting Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. You can therefore choose from Colombian villa rentals and Colombian beach rental by owner among others.

Perhaps no other Colombian city has gained world notoriety as the city of Medellin especially since it is associated with the 1980s drug king Pablo Escobar. Yet Medellin is such a beautiful city with its subtropical climate and closeness to the equator guaranteeing warm temperatures throughout the year. While it is certainly not as dangerous as it was in the past, you need to exercise a degree of caution while visiting as homicides are not entirely unknown.

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