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 Rio de Janeiro A Image 1 of 15
Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rental Overview
(Rio de Janeiro , Rio de Janeiro)
Sleeps: 2
Convenient 2 bedroom apartment in Copacabana with (international) cable tv, dvd, fridge , washing machine and electronic safe.
107.00 GBP per Week
1 bedroom Apartme Image 1 of 3
1 bedroom Apartment in Rio de Janeiro
(Rio de Janeiro , Rio de Janeiro)
Sleeps: 2
Rua Prudente de Morais ., Beautiful Studio just one block from the beach and with Internet!
70.00 USD per Day
Non-Smoking 1 or 2BR Image 1 of 3
Tropical paradise awaits you on the sixth floor in Copacabana. Built in 2001 and located in a quaint and safe neighborhood just four blocks from the famous Copacabana beach. The apartment can be rented as a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom apartment. The bedrooms
90.00 USD per Week
Apartment in Rio  Image 1 of 10
Apartment in Rio de Janeiro
(Ipanema , Rio de Janeiro)
Sleeps: 5
Nice new renovated apartment in Ipanema, ca. 200m to the beach, close to Posto 8 and Posto 9. Ipanema, the best and most attractive area of beautiful Rio de Janeiro.
234.00 EUR per Day

Brazil: The Home Of Samba, Carnival, Soccer and Wonderful Vacation Home Rentals

Occupying about ½ of Latin America, Brazil is undoubtedly a massive country that is also world famous for its addictive samba beat, the ever-popular Rio carnival, its world-conquering national soccer team and a very diverse range of vacation home rentals.

Probably nothing defines Brazil better than the nation’s craze with the world’s most-watched game, football, (aka soccer). The man considered by many to be the best soccer player the world has ever produced, Pele, is Brazilian. Of course Pele is a legend today – he played for the team that won the World Cup in 1970 but after him have come many truly world-class players. Socrates, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar are just some of the recent stars who have continued the Brazilian tradition of mesmerizing the world with the antics of magicians.

Remember too that the country holds the record of winning the World Cup the most times (and is likely to create a new record when it hosts the world cup in 2014). As evidence of the nation’s great love for what Pele christened “the beautiful game”, there is a national monument in Rio, the Estadio Do Maracana which, with a seating capacity of close to 90,000, is one of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world. Villa Rentals in Brazil

The samba beat is distinctively Brazilian and you get to enjoy it in countless places whenever you visit. Samba schools abound and you have the perfect opportunity to learn the steps during your holiday. Yet perhaps the best way to enjoy the true Brazilian experience would be to participate in the carnival. While many people know about the world-famous Rio carnival and the millions of people it attracts each year, few are aware that carnivals are held in other places in the country throughout the year – you could therefore participate in the celebration in such cities as Recife, Salvador, Santos and Belem.

Join the crowds in enjoying carnival but make sure you have reserved a Brazilian vacation home rental for your accommodation. All the cities which hold carnivals have plenty of accommodation options but your best bet would be Brazilian vacation home rentals as these are not only reasonably priced but also spacious unlike what you’d expect from traditional hotel accommodation. Typical Brazilian vacation home rentals to look out for include Brazilian villa rentals, Brazilian apartment rentals, Brazilian beach house rentals and Brazilian condo rentals.

Where to go and vacation home rentals to pick

For a country as vast as Brazil is, choosing where to go can present a real challenge but there are wonderful attractions wherever you go. Rio is the most visited city famous for its great beaches (for example Copacabana) and the Corcovado Mountain and its “Christ the Redeemer Statue” which is a leading attraction.

Cities aside, a visit to Brazil is never complete without visiting the Amazon Rainforest. Brazil has more than its fair share of the Amazon with most of the country being part of it. The world’s greatest rainforest, the Amazon is home to some of the most rare and endangered flora and fauna. Witness here too the great Amazon River, the world’s most voluminous river.

Whether you choose the coastal parts of Brazil, the cities or the jungles of the Amazon, a wide range of Brazilian vacation home rentals is always available as you will discover by browsing the list at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. Brazilian vacation home rental options you could choose from include Brazilian beach house rentals, Brazilian seaside cottage rentals, Brazilian cottage rentals by owner as well as Brazilian apartment rentals.

Wherever in the world you choose to spend your holiday avoid the inconveniences of hotel accommodation by reserving a vacation home rental for any global location at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

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