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Podere Vignali
(Santa cruz de la sierra )
Sleeps: 12
Welcome to everyone who is looking for a holiday in a quiet location in the heart of nature.
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Bolivia’s Diverse Attractions and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

Spending the night close to 12,000 feet above sea level should be quite some experience but Bolivian vacation home rentals are abundantly available as you’ll discover by visiting Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. You could therefore choose from Bolivian apartment rentals, Bolivian villa rentals and Bolivian cottage rentals by owner.

Bolivia is never short of unique attractions such as South America’s largest lake, Lake Titicaca. The lake is home to one of the world’s leading tourist resorts, the world famous Copacabana. A visit to the lake also brings you face to face with the ancient town of Tiwanaku which contains the ruins of a past civilization which scholars believe existed before the Inca Empire. Spending time near Lake Titicaca does not have to cost you an arm and a leg either as there plenty of reasonably priced Bolivian vacation home rentals nearby. Choose from the wide range of Bolivian apartment rentals, Bolivian lakeside villa rentals and Bolivian cottage rentals by owner.

If you are seeking real exhilaration, there might not be a better place to visit than Bolivia’s Yungas Road which is also known as Death Road and the World’s Most Dangerous Road. The road acquired this not-too-flattering name as it used to account for close to 200 deaths per year. Of course it is a very breathtaking road, winding as it does through gorgeous mountains as you move from La Paz to the Amazon. While government efforts have been made to make the road less dangerous, it is a hit with tourists especially those visiting here for mountain biking. Despite its name, the danger is substantially lessened when you avoid travelling through it in a motor vehicle.

Vibrant cultural experiences all over and abundant vacation home rentals

For diversity in attractions, few places in South America can compete with Bolivia which is also home to some of the most elegant vacation home rentals. While the country has for a long time sat in the shadow of its better known neighbors such as Brazil and Argentina, the tourist world is slowly but surely waking up to the fact that Bolivia has unique attractions and is certainly a country worth visiting.

Since you’ll most probably fly to Bolivia, you’ll be amazed as you approach the country’s capital city La Paz which, as you might know, is the highest capital city in the world. This distinction aside, La Paz is a sight to behold with its surrounding mountains and the duality of the expansive El Alto ghetto and the rest of the truly modern metropolis. Villa Rentals in Bolivia

Bolivia is home to people of diverse ethnic origins and a host of languages are used here. While Spanish is widely spoken, there are also plenty of indigenous languages in use including the indigenous Quechua and Aymaras as well as Guarani and even Japanese.

You can appreciate the diversity of Bolivian culture by participating in the annual Carnival in the city of Oruro. A spectacle to match the Rio Carnival, this carnival brings out the traditional Bolivians in their true splendor with all the ethnic dances and tens of thousands of dancers in action. Only here will you see how these people have lived through the ages and what their entertainment was like even before that arrival of the European conquerors. To enjoy the carnival with the home comforts you are used to make sure you reserve a Bolivian vacation home rental such as a Bolivian vacation home rental or a Bolivian villa rental.

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