Just two blocks from Lake Huron's Sauble Beach.

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Property Type:  Cottage Bedrooms:  4 Bathrooms:  1 Sleeps:  10

Just two blocks from Lake Huron's Sauble Beach.

Viceroy construction A frame,
24 fiddlehead lane, Oliphan,

Thermoglass front with a large deck.It accomodates 10. Two double bed
rooms and central room with 4 bunk beds.

Living room with two sofas, one of them turns into a double bed, cathedral ceiling of cedar and wood floors in bedrooms.

Full bathroom, hot water. Nice kitchen etc. with all necessary dishes pots and pans.

Air tight wood stove in living room.

Large backyard with swings.

For more information Email: diegoleblanc@yahoo.ca or Phone: 905-682 4598.

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