What to Expect

While at the Vacation Home how will we know the rules?

Usually an information binder or folder will be available at the Vacation Home. This binder will advise you of any and all rules. Please be respectful and abide by them. Most will also include local attractions and "Things To Do".

  • Phone calls: If a local land line phone is available you will be able to use it for local calls. Any long distance calls should be charged to a calling card or home phone. Any long distance charges will be charged back to you separately.

Occupancy Conditions

You must follow the particular conditions for occupancy of a particular Vacation Home. This means, but is not limited to, number of guests allowed, smoking, pets, etc.

What types of amenities, comfort, etc. can we expect upon arrival?

Amenities will vary widely when renting a privately owned Vacation home. These are not like hotels or resorts. Standards tastes vary from Owner to Owner. Especially in rural properties, you may need to "make do", to some extent. Country insects and even mice can occur at any time and should be expected as part of country living. Water and septic system usage must be taken into consideration when renting rural properties. Conservation is the name of the day.

When I arrive, what do I do if I have a problem?

Ensure you have all of the contact details you need before you arrive. This means the owner and his local representative. If you are arriving after hours make sure you have what you need to gain access to the property. Remember, SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com is merely an advertising medium and is unable to respond to problems that you may encounter with your rental, neither on arrival nor during your stay.

How do I get the directions to the Vacation Home?

The Owner should provide with full directions on how to get to their Vacation Home.