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BB 44 Guesthouse  Image 1 of 4
BB 44 Guesthouse In Kopavogur,
(Kopavogur )
Sleeps: 4
BB44 is nice and cosy guesthouse, located in quiet family house area. We offer single,double and family rooms.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Hotel Keflavik 	 Image 1 of 5
Hotel Keflavik
(Keflavik )
Sleeps: 4
Aðbúnaðurinn á hótelherbergjum er einn sá besti hér á landi en á hverju herbergi má meðal annars finna gervihnattasjónvarp, smábar, síma, peningaskáp, buxnapressu, grill,
1,000.00 USD per Week

Iceland’s Natural Beauty, Diverse Attractions and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

Those who imagine that Iceland translates to ‘the land of Ice’ will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this great country enjoys such immense diversity and has probably the world’s greatest true natural attractions which you can enjoy from the luxury of elegant vacation home rentals. The sights in Iceland are simply out of this world and there are many things you’ll only see here.

Iceland attracted world attention in 2010 when one of its volcanoes generated huge ash clouds that greatly affected global air travel. Of course this is not the most endearing thing about Iceland but perhaps we were being invited to take note that this is not your everyday land. For Iceland is the home of volcanoes (over 100 of them) and massive glaciers. The volcano that erupted in 2010, for example, lies below Iceland’s massive Vatnajokul glacier which occupies close to 10% of Iceland’s land. Villa Rentals in Iceland

Since your first stop is most likely to be the nation’s capital city, Reykjavik, you could start enjoying the natural wonders that are unique to Iceland right away. Just outside the capital, (to the country’s south), you’ll find plenty of waterfalls which are a leading natural attraction for tourists. Not only are Iceland’s waterfalls truly breathtaking, the number is so huge that some do not even have formal names.

This is also the land of many geysers. It is instructive that the word “geyser” was coined from the activities at one of Iceland’s leading attractions, the Geysir National Park.

The best and most economically-sensible way to enjoy the natural wonders that Iceland offers is by staying in vacation home rentals which are available close to these attractions. In Reykjavik, for example, you really have no reason to opt for expensive hotel accommodation as plenty of Icelandic vacation home rentals are available. These include Icelandic villa rentals, Icelandic apartment rentals, Icelandic ski chalet rentals as well as Icelandic ski chalet rentals by owner.

An all-season destination with plenty of year-round vacation home rentals

Summer is certainly the peak season for tourists in Iceland – for good reasons too. Spend your summer here and enjoy the unique experience of the never-setting sun and enjoy a wide range of holiday activities – scuba-diving, kayaking, biking and mountain climbing.

The warmth that heralds the arrival of spring performs wonders to this beautiful land and spring would also be a great time to come visiting. Enjoy the sight of the landscape turning green and witness the return of the birds which had migrated during winter. For birders, there isn’t a better time to be in Iceland.

If you are looking for the perfect Kodak moment, visit Iceland in autumn. The landscape literally changes as you watch resulting in a wild mixture of hues and colors.

Winter? If there is one reason that would make a winter vacation in Iceland appealing, it is the hard-to-describe phenomenon of the Northern Lights (which, incidentally, can only be enjoyed on only one more place on Earth, Alaska). Winter visitors also get to enjoy skiing in the country’s excellent ski trails.

For accommodation throughout the year, Icelandic vacation home rentals such as the ones listed at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals are always available. You can therefore reserve an Icelandic cottage rental, an Icelandic hut rental, an Icelandic seaside cottage rental or an Icelandic villa rental.

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