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Results Summary Rate
Juniper Cottage Image 1 of 3
Juniper Cottage
(Tornaszentandras , Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen)
Sleeps: 4
Juniper Cottage,on the border of the Aggtelek National Park in the picturesque village of Tornaszentandrás
1,000.00 USD per Week
Zengolak Guesthou Image 1 of 8
Zengolak Guesthouse
(Hosszúhetény , Pecs)
Sleeps: 8
Detached, single storey in(on) a(an) Private property
90.00 EUR per Day
Hotel Korona Image 1 of 13
Hotel Korona
(Eger , Heves)
Sleeps: 4
Our hotel is situated in the most quiet green area of the baroque city centre, near the pedestrian street. Monuments, sights and cultural programs give you at least a week’s occupation in Eger and its surroundings.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Four Seasons Spa  Image 1 of 10
Four Seasons Spa Holiday Resort
(Csokonyavisonta , Somogy)
Sleeps: 4
The holiday resort is located in the residential area and in the close neighbourhood of the spa
1,000.00 USD per Week
Emma Guesthouse Image 1 of 7
Emma Guesthouse
(Hosszúhetény , Baranya)
Sleeps: 6
72.00 EUR per Day
Vackor Guesthouse Image 1 of 20
Vackor Guesthouse
(Hoszzúhetény , Baranya)
Sleeps: 16
225.00 EUR per Day

Hungary: Historical Attractions and Excellent Vacation Home Rentals in the Land Of Thermal Springs

Most people planning to holiday in Hungary will most probably know about the country’s legendary thermal springs but this is one country that abounds with history and is also home to some of the most elegant vacation home rentals. Visit Hungary to see legendary monuments and see why this has been a popular destinations for ages.

For the stressed-out vacationer, the first stop should be in the country’s legendary spas. Legendary because they have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. With over 1,000 thermal springs, Hungary has more than its fair share of spas and, going back many years, people have been heading here to enjoy the cleansing and healing properties that the spas are famous for. While a good number of the spas are found in the capital, Budapest, there are plenty of them in the rest of the country. Villa Rentals in Hungary

Hungary is also a destination of choice for history buffs. With a history going back thousands of years, the country’s tumultuous history never fails to excite. Everywhere you go there are plenty of structures that date from the middle ages and others that tell the history of the country as part of the Ottoman Empire. Remember too that this small central European country has featured prominently in cold war politics – it was once communist yet fought hard to extricate itself from Soviet control and eventually played a critical role in the fall of global communism. While the fall of the Berlin wall is recognized as the final nail in the coffin of communism, Hungary played a great role in ensuring this happened by welcoming East Germans who were venturing into lands of greater freedom.

Historical buildings and vacation home rentals in Hungary

Perhaps no other building is as imposing and historical as Budapest’s Buda Castle. Get mesmerized by this architectural masterpiece and venture in to visit the National Art Gallery and the Historical Museum. Visit too the 7-towered Fisherman’s Bastion and find out why it has those symbolic 7 towers. Get amazed by the breathtaking Royal Palace and listen to stories of the countless times it has been destroyed and rebuilt. Close to these heavily-historical sites, choose from a wide range of Hungarian vacation home rentals. The wide range available includes Hungarian condo rentals, Hungarian villa rentals and Hungarian apartment rentals. Should you be visiting in winter, there are also plenty of Hungarian ski chalet rentals. For a full listing of Hungarian vacation home rental options, please visit Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Where to look for other tourist attractions and vacation home rentals

Away from spas and historical structures, Hungary has plenty of scenic attractions and none comes more quickly to mind than Central Europe’s largest lake, Lake Balaton. UNESCO World Heritage Sites abound also and one such site worth a visit is the Hortobagy National Park, a place of rare beauty and diverse flora and fauna. Enjoy the sight of the mighty Danube and understand why it has inspired poets for centuries. Head to the Hungary-Slovakia border to explore the cave complex of Aggtelek.

Wherever you are in this beautiful country, there plenty of Hungarian vacation home rentals and you can reserve Hungarian villa rentals, Hungarian condo rentals, Hungarian apartment rentals or Hungarian cottage rentals.

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