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The Walnut Tree, nea Image 1 of 12
The Walnut Tree, near Sami, Kephalonia
(Kefalonia , Ionian Islands)
Sleeps: 12
Spacious detached rural holiday villa with large pool.
3,925.00 USD per Week
Villa Galini Bed  Image 1 of 6
Villa Galini Bed & Breakfast
(Naoussa , East Macedonia and Thrace)
Sleeps: 4
he building, which shows the traditional colours and architecture of the Cycladic Islands, is situated on the slope of hill in a quiet part of Naoussa, Paros, 350m from Piperi beach and 700m from the harbour.
1,000.00 GBP per Week
Finikia Place Image 1 of 10
Finikia Place
(Finikia , South Aegean)
Sleeps: 4
"From the stones love, We built a window, Into the light"
1,000.00 GBP per Week
Vassaliki Naturist C Image 1 of 6
Vassaliki Naturist Club Klismata
(Spartia )
Sleeps: 4
First floor, seperate entrance, in(on) a(an) Appartment hotel
980.00 EUR per Week
Alkyonis Panormos Image 1 of 11
Alkyonis Panormos
(Kalymnos island , South Aegean)
Sleeps: 16
Detached, 3 floors, seperate entrance, in(on) a(an) Private property
40.00 EUR per Day
Apollonia Hotel A Image 1 of 9
Apollonia Hotel Apartments
(Varkiza , Attica)
Sleeps: 2
Apollonia Hotel Apartments is located, in Varkiza, a beautiful suburb of Athens, along the Apollo Coast in Attica and is a family run business
1,000.00 GBP per Week
Villa Christina Amal Image 1 of 13
Villa Christina Amaliapolis
(Thessaly , Thessaly)
Sleeps: 4
2rd floor, shared entrance, in(on) a(an) Charming Villa 3 floors. Two other apartments also available so total capacity of villa is 12 people.
385.00 EUR per Week
Niriides Apartmen Image 1 of 12
Niriides Apartments Asos Kefalonia
(Asos Kefalonia , Ionian Islands)
Sleeps: 20
attached home, 3 floors, shared entrance, in(on) a(an) Private property
55.00 EUR per Week
Agios Prokopios H Image 1 of 5
Agios Prokopios Hotel
(Naxos , South Aegean)
Sleeps: 4
Agios Prokopios is only 5 Kilometres away from Naxos Town (port) and there is a frequent and inexpensive bus service.
1,000.00 GBP per Week
Vasiliki Blue Vassil Image 1 of 7
Vasiliki Blue Vassiliki
(Vasiliki , Ionian Islands)
Sleeps: 20
First floor, seperate entrance, in(on) a(an) House 2 floors
35.00 EUR per Day

Greece: Abundant Attractions, Affordable Vacation Home Rentals and Wide-Ranging Holiday Activities

The thought of Greece must bring to mind the thinkers and philosophers who have shaped world history over the centuries yet this wonderful country is home to some of the rarest attractions and elegant but affordable vacation home rentals. It is hard to think of a country that has contributed more to philosophy than Greece. This is the land of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Thales, Xenophanes, Heraclitus and Pythagoras among others. With such an abundance of great minds, it does not surprise anybody that much of world thought today has been influenced by Greek philosophers. Villa Rentals in Greece

Perhaps the best way to get a glimpse of Greek history and philosophy over thousands of years would be by visiting the National Archeological Museum in Athens. The great collection in this museum takes you through several Greek civilizations and stretches from the earliest recorded civilization in the Cycladic Island to the present period.

Athens is also home to famous structures that you probably have read about – the Temple of Poseidon, the Temple of Hephaestus and the Acropolis. Athens is not just very historical but also a true metropolis and is home to some of the most elegant Greek vacation home rentals. You can therefore spend the night in a Greek condo rental, a Greek villa rental or the many readily-available Greek apartment rentals .

Greek attractions are spread throughout the country and, though you might be tempted to spend all your time in Athens, remember that there is much to be seen elsewhere. You should therefore consider heading to Rhodes Island where the medieval village of Lindos is located. Enjoy the unusual sight of 14th century monasteries built atop rock pillars in Meteora (and wonder how anybody accessed them in an age when helicopters were not available). Or you could head to Santorini for an appreciation of Cycladic and Venetian architecture and the most breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

Incredibly beautiful islands, abundant holiday activities and great vacation home rentals

For lovers of water activities, Greek is the place to be as it is home to 6,000 islands. While only a handful, (about 230), are inhabited, the visitor has much to enjoy and discover. With a coastline stretching over 16,000 kilometers, the Greek Archipelago is home to some of the most stunning beaches which also abound with plenty of holiday activities.

The Aegean Sea has the largest number of islands and beaches and some of the top ones you should consider visiting include Samos, Chios and Limnos in the North, Salamina and Aegena in the Argosaronic Island as well as Patmos (remember the Book of Revelation?) and Rhodes in the Dodecanese.

For holiday activities in the Greek islands, you can go scuba diving, swimming, sailing, windsurfing and snorkeling among other activities. The islands are also home to a diverse range of Greek vacation home rentals including Greek beach house rentals, Greek villa rentals and Greek condo rentals.

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