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(Lützen )
Sleeps: 1
Detached, 1 floor, seperate entrance, in(on) a(an) Estate
59.00 EUR per Day
Apartment Wiese Aach Image 1 of 7
Apartment Wiese Aachen
(Aachen )
Sleeps: 2
First floor, seperate entrance, in(on) a(an) House single storey
55.00 EUR per Day
Am Balberger Ley Ker Image 1 of 10
Am Balberger Ley Kervenheim
(Kervenheim , Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Sleeps: 20
holidayhouse, groupshouse, farmhouse, 2 kitchen, playground, activity, parking free
0.00 EUR per Week
Airport Guest Hou Image 1 of 2
Airport Guest House Maria Hefke(B&B)
(Frankfurt , Hessen)
Sleeps: 20
The Airport Guest House Maria Hefke(B&B) is your address to stay - whether you plan to live comfortably or work sucessfully.
42.00 USD per Day
Tudor style vacation Image 1 of 4
Tudor style vacation home in the Weser Mountains
(Dassel , Niedersachsen)
Sleeps: 4
Historic house in a quite side road of the old town of Dassel. Feel at home between old oak beams and light walls in a cosy atmosphere.
45.00 EUR per Day
Der Elbenhof 	 Image 1 of 3
Der Elbenhof
(Seeth , Schleswig-Holstein)
Sleeps: 4
Peace & relaxation find. Take yourselves a time-out in our cosy vacation home. Enjoy the common time for being lazy, speeches, vintages and easing.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Therese Malten Villa Image 1 of 20
Therese Malten Villa Dresden
(Dresden , Sachsen)
Sleeps: 16
Holidays in a historical villa - stay with a Dresden family
90.00 EUR per Day

Germany: Exhilarating History, Awesome Monuments, Natural Wonders and Sophisticated Vacation Home Rentals

One of the biggest (and richest) European countries, Germany is one destination you’ll fall in love with courtesy of its exhilarating historical attractions, countless natural wonders and its diverse range of sophisticated yet affordable vacation home rentals. With a history stretching back centuries BC, Germany is home to the kind of elegant castles, cathedrals and other historical buildings you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Keeping up with all the history that Germany has to offer might be too much for a single visit but there are places and monuments not to be missed. An ideal place to start for absorption of both recent and ancient German history would the nation’s capital Berlin. Berlin means a lot both to German and world history especially since the fall of its infamous wall heralded a new beginning not only for Germany but also for other countries that had not known freedom for hundreds of years. Today, the single structure that stands as a memorial to this grand history is the crowd-pulling Brandesburg Gate and a visit here is highly recommended. Villa Rentals in Germany

Germany might be most famous for its legendary precision engineering but German architecture probably does not get the recognition it deserves and you can confirm this by admiring the awesome structures spread throughout the country. In Cologne, be awe-struck by the architectural jewel that is the Cologne Cathedral (whose construction took 600 years) or get to understand the inspiration behind Disneyland Parks by visiting the 19th century Neushwanstein Castle in Bavaria. The Heidelberg Castle (built, destroyed and rebuilt over a 300 year period) and the Frauenkirche in Dresden, (destroyed during WWII and only rebuilt in the new millennium) are also not to be missed.

Whichever part of Germany you choose to enjoy great history and architecture from, you are always close to wonderful German vacation home rentals and the cities of Berlin, Cologne and Dresden are home to plenty of German villa rentals, German condo rentals, German apartment rentals and German ski chalet rentals. The full listing of all possible German vacation home rental accommodations can be viewed at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Peace, quiet, plenty of wildlife and vacation home rentals outside the major cities

The bustling German cities with their plentiful supply of shopping malls and the famous German beer (perhaps best represented by the popularity of Munich’s Oktoberfest) could easily keep you in the cities for your entire holiday but you’d do yourself a great favor by venturing into the German countryside.

Spend time in a national park (e.g., the Bavarian Forest National Park, the Jasmund National Park or the Harz National Park in lower Saxony) and get to enjoy the country’s diverse flora and fauna. Head to the North Sea for the most awesome sights and plenty of fishing.

If you are here in winter, enjoy the breathtaking sights of the Alps and take part in some skiing and skateboarding. Visit the zoological gardens and bird parks or go hiking. Close to all major cities and in the German countryside are a wide range of German vacation home rentals. You could therefore reserve a German ski chalet rental, a German villa rental, a German castle rental or even a German beach house rental.

For the most comprehensive range of vacation home rentals around the world, make sure you make a reservation at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals, the global site devoted to providing the most comfortable vacation homes around the world.

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