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Residence Apartments In Tallinn, Harju County
(Tallinn , Harju County)
Sleeps: 4
We invite you to Haapsalu - the most romantic place in Estonia. Place where the old legends and more than 700-year-old history of the city coincide with the present day. Haapsalu manages to surprise
1,000.00 USD per Week
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Gabriel Guesthouse
(Maardu Town , Harju County)
Sleeps: 20
seperate entrance, in(on) a(an) Estate, 28 rooms up to 70 persons, free wifi, general kitchen, private shower, private parking
17.00 EUR per Day

Estonia’s Lush Greenery, Sparse Population and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

Can you imagine a sparsely-populated European country with jam-free roads, elegant vacation home rentals and 50% forest cover? That hard-to-imagine country exists and it is called Estonia. If traffic (both motor and human), noise and pollution are driving you up the wall, perhaps you should consider making this your next holiday destination.

Estonia as we know it today is a relatively new country – for centuries, it lived in the shadows of its more powerful neighbors and colonizers. Of course you remember the fall of the Berlin wall and the crumbling of the Soviet Union that paved the way for the creation of newly-independent nations. Estonia makes that list. The evidence of the various powers that have ruled over this small Baltic country is, gratefully, very well preserved and a visit here will give a history lesson like no other. Estonians are very proud of their history and trace it way back to pre-historic times.

Apart from architecture that speaks volumes, you must make a point of visiting the major Estonian museums such as the Estonian History Museum in the capital, Tallinn. The great collection of artifacts available here traces the country’s history from medieval times to the present. Other museums worth a visit include the Kumu Art Museum, the Estonian Maritime Museum and, (especially great for the kids), the Tartu Toy Museum. Villa Rentals in Estonia

For a country with such a long history, it surprises the visitor that Estonia is so sparsely populated – smaller European countries have higher populations than Estonia’s 1.5 million. The country’s great forest cover makes it the nature lover’s paradise. Here, you will see trees and animals that you can never hope to see anywhere else in the Baltic or the rest of Europe. Rare and endangered animals common to the country include the flying squirrel, the European Mink and the European beaver.

In the capital, Tallinn, make sure to visit the famous Tallinn Zoo and the Tallinn Botanical Gardens. More natural wonders (and plenty of holiday activities) await you at the nearby Lahemaa National Park.

Both Tallinn and Tartu cities are also home to a very comprehensive range of Estonian vacation home rentals and you never need to put up with expensive hotel accommodation. You should therefore make a reservation for an Estonian ski chalet rental, an Estonian villa rental, an Estonian apartment rental or choose from the wide range of Estonian vacation home rental accommodations available at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Disappear into the islands where quality vacation home rentals are also available

In Estonia, it is possible to get closer to nature than you might ever be able to in other locations and perhaps there is no better way to do this than disappearing into one of the country’s 1,500 islands. Some islands teem with history while others are simple fishing villages where accommodation is available in the form of thatched Estonian vacation cottages. Spend your days here swimming or fishing and get to mingle with the very friendly villagers. At the end of a stress-free day check into your reasonably priced Estonian cottage rental, Estonian cottage rental by owner or even an Estonian seaside cottage rental.

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