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Results Summary Rate
Hotel Vítkova Ho Image 1 of 9
Hotel Vítkova Hora
(Karlovy Vary , Carlsbad Region (Karlovarsky kraj))
Sleeps: 20
Not very far from the centre of the town, at the very edge of the natural reserve of the Slavkovský Forest
1,000.00 EUR per Month
Apartment No. 3 Image 1 of 11
Apartment No. 3
(Brevnov , Prague - the Capital (Praha - hlavni mesto))
Sleeps: 4
There is a bedroom with one double bed and two single beds, living room with the kitchennete and the bathroom with WC. Living room is furnished with the sofa convertible to the double bed
82.00 GBP per Day
Grand hotel Praha Image 1 of 10
Grand hotel Praha
(prague , Prague - the Capital (Praha - hlavni mesto))
Sleeps: 4
The Grand Hotel Praha has a unique location in the centre of the Old Town of Prague
1,000.00 GBP per Week
Apartment No. 4 Image 1 of 9
Apartment No. 4
(Brevnov , Prague - the Capital (Praha - hlavni mesto))
Sleeps: 4
There is a bedroom with one double bed and one single bed, kitchen and the bathroom with WC
70.00 USD per Day
Studio No. 1 Image 1 of 7
Studio No. 1
(Brevnov , Prague - the Capital (Praha - hlavni mesto))
Sleeps: 2
There is one bedroom with two single beds, the kitchenette and the bathroom with WC. Apartment is in the ground floor with the window facing into the garden.
70.00 GBP per Day
Hotel Pohoda 	 Image 1 of 10
Hotel Pohoda
(Prague , Prague - the Capital (Praha - hlavni mesto))
Sleeps: 2
HOTEL POHODA garni nabízí ubytování v Praze rodinného typu, ideálně umístěné v klidné vilové čtvrti u stanice metra
1,000.00 GBP per Week
Apartment No. 2 Image 1 of 10
Apartment No. 2
(Brevnov , Prague - the Capital (Praha - hlavni mesto))
Sleeps: 4
There are two separated bedrooms, one with double bed and the second with two single beds + sofa, the kitchen and the bathroom with WC
82.00 GBP per Day

Czech Republic: History, Grand Attractions and Vacation Home Rentals in the Home Of Pilsner

A country of scenic rolling hills and majestic mountains, the Czech Republic is an ideal holiday destination that also teems with abundant holiday activities and sophisticated vacation home rentals. Whether you choose to spend your holiday in Prague or one of the other major cities or the countryside, spending time in the Czech Republic is guaranteed to be immensely satisfying.

The capital city, Prague, is the leading attraction and it is easy to see why. Teeming with architectural masterpieces that go back hundreds of years, a walk through Prague tells the story of a million books. Did you, for instance, know that the world-acclaimed Pilsner Lager originated in the Czech Republic? Popularly known as Plzen, this lager has been brewed here since the 14th century and there is no better to follow its story than at the Pilsner Brewery Museum. Villa Rentals in the Czech Republic

The presence of quality lager in the midst of the Czech people does not amount to inebriation as the grand structures that adorn the country’s cities and countryside attest. That the country’s structures are grand can be seen from the fact that it is home to 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of Prague’s most notable landmarks include Hradcany Castle which not only houses the reigning Czech president but has been used by kings since Bohemian times. Walk on the famous Charles Bridge,(built in the 14th century), in the center of Prague to take in the city’s skyline which includes the historical Prague Castle. The bridge itself is full of statues of great historical and religious significance.

For an understanding of Czech Jewish history going back to the 13th century, visit the Jewish Quarter which is a carefully preserved monument just as is the exhibits/books-laden Jewish Museum. One museum that is certainly worth a visit is the country’s largest – the National Museum.

When you spend time in Prague, remember that you have many vacation home rental options and you should take advantage of them before opting for hotel accommodation. The wide range of options includes Prague condo rentals, Prague villa rentals and Prague apartment rentals. For the full range of Czech Republic vacation home rentals, please see the listing available at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Great attractions, activities and vacation home rentals outside Prague

Perhaps the worst thing you can do when visiting the Czech Republic is to assume that Prague and historical buildings are all there is to this beautiful country.

Equally great history and wonderful views await you in the city of Olomuoc. Visit one of the country’s 15 zoological gardens and we dare suggest that the Hluboka nad Vltavou should be the number one choice. Go golfing in Moravia or cycling in the hundreds of cycle paths available all over the country.

If you visit in winter, take advantage of the great skiing facilities available in country’s mountains. There are plenty of snowboarding parks and trails for cross country skiing. In a nutshell, get off the beaten path and freely explore this beautiful country. For accommodation, you do not have to go the beaten path of overpriced motels but can choose from a wide range of Czech vacation home rentals. These include Czech ski chalet rentals , Czech cottage rentals, Czech villa rentals and Czech apartment rentals.

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