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Best Western New Hotel De Lives
(Namur , Namur)
Sleeps: 4
Past and present meet each other in this familial 3-star hotel, on a charming location near the banks of the Meuse.
1,000.00 USD per Week

Belgium: Enough History, Attractions and Vacation Home Rentals to Give You a Waterloo

Belgium could have seen enough wars to make it win the unflattering title of “Europe’s Battleground” yet it is a beautiful country full of wonderful attractions and the most elegant vacation home rentals. The beauty aside, it is hard to describe Belgium without a mention of the many wars that have been fought over and on this land.

The multiple-award winning group, Abba, could have immortalized the Belgium location of Waterloo with their hit song by that name but, for historians, the most enduring memories are those of the battle that brought Napoleon to his knees. Located in Belgium’s Walloon Brabant region, Waterloo is a famous tourist destination principally because of the memories they evoke of the Napoleonic wars but also because it is so representative of the wars that Belgium has known. All over Belgium, evidence of past wars is so evident that you’ll be excused if you spent your entire holiday hopping from one war ruin to another.

Belgium then is the dream destination for the history buff. Historical buildings, castles, museums and monuments tell the country’s long history from pre-Roman days to the middle Ages, the country’s precarious situation in the 20th century, (it played a leading role on both world wars), to a more prosperous present. Visit Belgium’s most ancient town, Tongren, to see ruins from Roman times - the Gallo Roman Museum located here is highly recommended. For recent wars, Ypres town could be the one that gives you an authentic feel of how WWI was like with its expansive cemeteries and trenches.

Yet there is more to Belgium than just wars. Staying with museums, there are great ones in all the major cities. In the capital, Brussels, consider visiting the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. In Antwerp, enjoy the great collection of art from pre-Renaissance times at the Museum Mayer van den Berg.

Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and other Belgian cities and major towns are also home to the widest range of vacation home rentals guaranteeing that you’ll spend your time here enjoying the home comforts you are used to at a fraction of the cost of hotel accommodation. Belgian vacation home rentals to look out for include Belgian ski chalet rentals, Belgian villa rentals, Belgian apartment rentals and Belgian condo rentals. To view the wide range available and make a reservation, please visit Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Enjoy Belgium’s long beer culture next to wonderful vacation home rentals

Beer and Belgium are so intricately intertwined that some people can only think of the frothy stuff when the country is mentioned. For a country its size, it is instructive that Belgium is home to close to 700 beer varieties. In Belgium, beer is culture and even the glass you drink in is believed to determine flavor.  No wonder the country’s Beer Route is a great tourist attraction.

Enticing as Belgian food and beer are, you have no excuse to put weight during your holiday as there are plenty of holiday activities including cycling, mountain climbing and canoeing. Available in equal diversity throughout the kingdom are Belgian vacation home rentals and you should consider reserving a Belgian villa rental, a Belgian condo rental or even a Belgian apartment rental.

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