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Guest house Vules Image 1 of 7
Guest house Vulesa
(Lopud , Dubrovnik-Neretva county)
Sleeps: 6
APARTMENTS FOR VACATION RENT(3 stars)- air-con.,sat.TV,sea view,sun and shade terrace...
60.00 EUR per Day
Villa Guardia Image 1 of 20
Villa Guardia
(Acireale )
Sleeps: 7
Villa with garden in Sicily near the sea
120.00 EUR per Day

Aland Islands: The Petite Beauty with Splendid Attractions and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

A sparsely populated and affluent town, Mariehamn is also home to some very elegant vacation home rentals and you can avoid expensive hotel accommodation by reserving one. For winter visitors, there are plenty of Aland Islands ski chalet rentals and Aland Islands ski chalet rentals by owner. For other seasons, look out for Aland Islands apartment rentals, Aland Islands villa rentals, Aland Islands beach house rentals and Aland Islands beach house rentals. The full list of Aland Islands vacation home rental accommodations can be viewed at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Plenty of sea, nature, history and vacation home rentals

Aland Islands is divided into 16 municipalities and each has something unique to offer – you therefore need not spend your entire holiday in Mariehamn.

Head to the countryside municipality of Eckero for fishing and golfing and to enjoy diverse wildlife including ostriches and deer. 

Catch a ferry and head to the municipality with over 1,000 islets, Brando. For more on Aland Islands’ rich history, consider visiting Sund district which is home to an ancient castle, the Castle of Kasteholm and the Vita Bjorn Prison Museum.

The tiny Aland Islands are simply breathtaking with a host of wonderful attractions and a wide range of sophisticated vacation home rentals. Perhaps nothing speaks more eloquently about the strategic importance and natural beauty of these islands than the ages-old fight for their control by the neighboring countries of Sweden and Finland. A completely demilitarized and autonomous territory, Aland sits close to both the Gulf of Finland and Sweden’s Stockholm port and has in the past been claimed by both countries.

In a world where military considerations have taken precedence over everything else, control of an Island as strategic as Aland has always been a prime consideration not only for Finns and Swedes but also for Russians and, (at the height of her power), Britain. It is therefore a considerable miracle for the inhabitants of these islands that they have somehow managed to remain free.

Military considerations aside, Aland Islands have one great advantage that the neighboring countries do not – great weather – and this is one of the leading attractions for tourists here. While the Scandinavia in general is known to have some of the most atrocious winters, the tiny Aland Islands are spared this agony as the winters here tend to be rather mild. The islands enjoy a real bonus in summer with up to 19 hours of sunshine. It comes as no surprise then that hordes of tourists head here during summer and, while they come from all global destinations, there are plenty of Finns and Swedes.

A collection of over 6,000 islands, most of Aland Islands is not inhabited providing the visitor with plenty of exploration to undertake. The principal town in the island is the capital, Mariehamn which has a history dating back to the 19th century and is also home to a number of important museums. Principally a shipping town, Mariehamn is also the islands’ governance and commercial center and some of the leading museums that you should consider visiting here are the Museum Ship Pommern and the Maritime Museum. Beach House Rentals in Alands Islands

For accommodation close to the great attractions throughout the islands, choose from a wide range of Aland Islands vacation home rentals including Aland Islands beach house rentals, Aland Islands hut rentals and Aland Islands luxury cottage rentals.

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