Tourist Attractions

Ottawa Tulip Festival 2017

The Canadian Tulip Festival is also known as the Ottawa Tulip Festival and is held in Ottawa every year during the middle of May.  For 2017 over 1 million Ottawa tulips will be on display between May 12 and May 22.  Over 50 varieties of tulips will flourish in over 250,000 flower beds along dozens of kilometers and several routes through Ottawa, which you can walk, bike or jog.

PEI Tourist Attractions

PEI is the home of Canada’s confederation, hosting the Charlottetown Conference in 1864 to discuss amalgamating the various regions of Canada into a unified country.  Prince Edward Island actually joined confederation in 1873. There are several PEI tourist attractions that will enthrall most tourist visitors, especially those with an affinity to outdoor activities.  Green Gables House one of PEI tourist attractions is the 3’rd or 4’th most popular attraction for Japanese tourist, next to the Grand Canyon, Banff, Albert and maybe Niagara Falls.

Top 6 Tourist Attractions In Alberta

A home to some of the most stunning testaments to nature, Alberta is a beautiful province in Canada which has much to offer the visitors. From the ancient glaciers that cap the rocky mountains to the canyons, waterfalls, and the lakes which echo the calmness of the entire place, one can never get tired of the serene beauty of this place.