Manitoba , Canada Vacation Home Rentals

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Whiteshell Lake R Image 1 of 6
Whiteshell Lake Resort
(Big Whiteshell lake , Manitoba)
Sleeps: 2
Whiteshell Lake Resort Cottage Resorts in Big Whiteshell Lake, Manitoba
799.00 CDN per Week
Beautiful Lakevie Image 1 of 3
Beautiful Lakeview Home in the quiet
(Snow Lake , Manitoba)
Sleeps: 10
Beautiful Lakeview Home in the quiet Town of Snow Lake, 4 bedrooms (2/2), Oak cabinets in kitchen
1,000.00 CDN per Week
Beautiful Vacatio Image 1 of 4
All Season Lakefront Rental Cottages.
1,155.00 CDN per Week

Manitoba Vacation Homes For Rent

Manitoba Vacation Home Rentals, Attractions and Vacation Activities

A popular holiday destination, Manitoba enjoys continental climate and is home to a very diverse multi-racial community and equally diverse vacation home rentals. Regardless of the season, this Canadian province has the diversity of attractions and activities that keep visitors totally thrilled.

Attractions, activities and vacation rentals Manitoba

One of the leading holiday spots is the town of Churchill. Situated on Hudson Bay’s shoreline, the town is most popular for its large population of polar bears and receives most visitors in the months of October and November. From the town, you can take one of the many Arctic tours available enabling you to see other rare creatures including walruses and bowhead whales. Churchill is also home to diverse vacation home rentals including cottage rentals, condo rentals and ski chalet rentals. vacation rentals Manitoba

Manitoba is also famous for its breathtaking International Peace Garden. Lying between the Canadian and US borders, this awesome botanical garden is dedicated to World Peace. Outstanding sights at the garden include a floral clock, handcrafted peace poles, a bell tower and a peace tower. The floral garden is the ideal background for great photos and is a favorite place for family meetings and camping. Moreover, the garden has various educative centers especially the Interpretive Center and the North American Game Warden Museum. To spend a night close to these idyllic attractions, you should consider reserving a Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

More awesome sights await you at the famous Spirit Way, a biking and walking path that has many unique attractions. Here, you will find the largest photo-real mural in Canada, the Wolf Mural, which is so large you can see it from a mile away. The path also has a famous WWII relic, the movable Bailey bridge. Spirit Way’s excellent walking trails lead you to the famous Boreal forest which is home to exotic flora and fauna. It is on the path too that you get to see the world-famous “Howling Wolves at the Moon”, a unique limestone slabs sculpture. The areas close to Spirit Way are also home to diverse vacation home rentals especially cottage rentals by owner. For a diverse range of vacation rentals Manitoba, see the list available at SVHR.

A destination famous for its diversity of all-season activities and one that is ideal for family holiday activities is the Asessippi Ski Area and Resort. This resort is open for summer visitors and the range of activities available includes river tubing and kayaking while winter activities are also plentiful. The resort offers skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding as well as lessons on various winter sports. Summer visitors obtain accommodation from diverse vacation rentals Manitoba close to the resort such as cottage rentals and condo rentals while plenty of ski chalet rentals are available during winter. Most of these accommodations are also pet-friendly.

There are many things that make Manitoba a popular holiday destination and these include the province’s multi-cultural identity, the wide range of attractions and holiday activities. For the most diverse collection of vacation home rentals in all the Canadian provinces and US destinations, please see the list available at our specialized regional site