Top VACATION RENTAL LISTING SITES - Did you know they existed?

Top alternative vacation rental sites

Over the past 10 years the online vacation rentals business has exploded.  Several dozen vacation rental homes sites have exploded on to the internet and at the same time there has been massive consolidation of some of these web sites.  Many of the giant players have increased their vacation rentals database by simply acquiring other web sites and these consolidators are being acquired by some of the largest on-line travel sites on the planet.  Take for example the 2016 acquisition of HomeAway by Expedia for $3.9B US.

Alternative Vacation Rentals Listing Sites

As a vacation rental owner there are pluses and minuses to listing your vacation rental on the major vacation listing sites.  Pluses are increased exposure and traffic to your listing.  This should translate into increased bookings, but may not, depending on the nature and pricing of your vacation rental. Minuses are increased cost to list your vacation rental homes on these sites, and in some cases we are seeing these sites implement extra booking charges to the traveler.  This means the cost of renting your property is actually more than what you are charging.  A further disadvantage is that your vacation home rentals can easily get buried in the hundreds of thousands of listings on these large vacation rentals listing sites.

So we’ve come up with a few alternative vacation listing sites for you to explore when considering a listing one of your vacation rentals by owner.

Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals

This is a new entry into the field of vacation rentals listing sites.  It offers owners a free 1 year listing with various membership upgrades and highlighting features.  There are no charges levied on a renter wishing to make a booking and owners and renters receive direct email communication channels allowing them to negotiate and make arrangements directly.  Owners should check out their owner’s page here for details and information.  Renters can check out vacation rentals on the site at .

OneFineStay Vacation Rentals is an upscale vacation rentals website that caters to the more exclusive, higher end home rental and renter.  At the time of writing this they listed vacation home rentals only in the cities of Paris, New York City, London and Los Angeles.  Prices are substantially higher but are still a fraction of the cost of an equivalent hotel rental.  If you are in the market for a high end vacation rentals by owner  and resultant accommodations then this is definitely one site to visit.

Haven In

A European oriented vacation rentals web site, this web site also focuses luxury apartments in Paris, Provence, London, and Tuscany. Like OneFineStay this is one of the vacation listing sites that cater to higher end, luxury apartments with a real boutique feel. As with any luxury item, the cost is a higher than the listings on other web sites, but if you are in the market for a luxury hotel alternative, then try your next search for vacation rentals on this site.

Apartments Actually

This web site caters to boutique apartment rentals in the Paris and Provence areas of France.  Much easier to find a luxury apartment in one of these cities than hunting on one of the major sites crowded with a plethora of unrelated listings.

PerfectPlaces Vacation Rentals

This vacation rentals site has most of its listings in the United States and has a couple of ways of booking a vacation rental by owner.  You can either book direct through the web site, or you will be required to contact the owner directly and make your arrangements with them directly.  This is another web site that DOES NOT charge the renter a booking fee, thereby allowing you to save some money.

9Flats is a European oriented vacation rentals web site.  The web site is fairly easy to use and they boast over 200,000 listings across Europe.  They do not charge booking fees, which can amount to 3% to 15% of the cost to a renter.  Better to put these dollars in your pocket than someone else’s.