Top 6 Tourist Attractions In Alberta

Tourist Attractions In Alberta

A home to some of the most stunning testaments to nature, Alberta is a beautiful province in Canada which has much to offer the visitors. From the ancient glaciers that cap the rocky mountains to the canyons, waterfalls, and the lakes which echo the calmness of the entire place, one can never get tired of the serene beauty of this place.

While most people come to enjoy the night life of Toronto and Montreal, and the beaches of the west coast, Alberta, the place where prairies meet the mountains and the skies are dominated by the snow-capped peaks, has remained a relatively quite place.

Banff National Park, Alberta

A spectacular mountain scenery, calm and beautiful lakes and the pleasing ski resorts to make your experience a memorable one. Sounds like a vacation that everybody dreams of, right? Well, Banff National Park is where you need to head to. One of the most visited tourist attractions in Alberta, this park is nothing short of a dream destination. 

Roadside lookouts that offer one of the best views over the mountains, lakes and the glaciers just allows most of the people to explore the park from the comfort of their car only.However, you can even bring out your adventurous side in this place. Hiking is one of the main attractions in the park and you have quite a bunch of trails to choose from.

If you are planning to spend more than a day or two in this beautiful place, no worries! There are a number of Banff National Park Accommodations present within the province to make your stay more than comfortable.

Icefields Parkway and the Columbia Icefield 

Have you ever fancied a long drive along a highway, amidst mountains, glaciers, lakes and numerous stopping points for you to click your selfies with the amazing landscape up close? Then the Icefield Parkway is just the place for you. The parkway which runs from Lake Louise to Jasper, is a stretch of about 230 km, and is a paradise for all the long drive lovers.

The Icefields Center, which is one of the main attractions along the stretch, features the most exquisite displays of the Columbia Icefields and the most famous Athabasca Glacier. Known to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in Alberta, this famously accessible glacier is the best thing you will see in the Canadian Rockies. There are specially outfitted buses, which can drive you out onto the glacier as well! Pretty exciting isn't it?

Lethbridge Japanese Gardens

It might be a bit surprising to see a Japanese Garden in Canada, but the famous Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge, Alberta is one place which you cannot afford to miss. Sitting on the Henderson Lake, this garden reflects the rich heritage and culture of Japan. The most interesting fact about this place is that, the pavilion, shelters, bridges and the gates of the garden were built in Kyoto, Japan, and transported all the way to Alberta and later reassembled here.

With very kind and friendly staff waiting to explain the highlights of the garden and to give you a guided tour, a visit to this place is sure to be very relaxing and calming. As the garden is not open year round, plan your trip accordingly, during the garden's open seasons. 

Calgary, Alberta

A city full of life, Calgary is particularly known for its cowboy roots, and this is evidently seen during the city's biggest and the most colourful event, the annual Calgary Stampede. Attracting tourists from all over the world, this 10 day event held in early weeks of July is the best place to be in for all the Wild West Fans. If you love rodeo attractions, country music, and the western cowboy culture, this event is a must visit!

In addition to this, there are a number of local establishments who also take part in the festive environment by offering free "Stampede Breakfasts" throughout the week. During the 10 days, you can put stay in any of the numerous vacation rentals in the city, and be a part of a wild experience.

Kananaskis Country

A week spent in the colourful city for the exciting event, surely deserves a few peaceful and relaxing days to follow up with. Well, what better place than the country side of Kananaskis? About 80 km from Calgary, the Kananaskis Village is famous for its resort facilities and the golf course. The Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, which is one of the main highlights of this region, is the best place to relax and spend some time with the nature.

The alpine lakes and the incredible mountain sceneries of the Kananaskis countryside are one of the major tourist attractions in Alberta during the summer season.

Jasper National park

The biggest national park in Canada, Jasper National Park covers an area of 10,878 square kilometers. Filled with lakes, glaciers, forests and waterfalls, this one is known for its different appearance than the other parks in southern Alberta. Attracting far less tourists than the Banff National Park, this place echoes a remote feel, thus providing a wonderful opportunity to spend a peaceful day with your loved ones.

Some of the highlights of Jasper National Park are Maligne Lake, Athabasca falls, Mount Edith Cavell with its incredible Angel Glacier, and the Maligne Canyon. Hiking trails can also be found throughout the park for the adventure loving tourists.

The Canadian province of Alberta is one of the best places to spend your holidays with the loved ones. With a wide variety of comfortable vacation home rentals available nearby, you can choose to spend your time close to nature's own extravaganza.