PEI Tourist Attractions

PEI Tourist Attractions

PEI is the home of Canada’s confederation, hosting the Charlottetown Conference in 1864 to discuss amalgamating the various regions of Canada into a unified country.  Prince Edward Island actually joined confederation in 1873. There are several PEI tourist attractions that will enthrall most tourist visitors, especially those with an affinity to outdoor activities.  Green Gables House one of PEI tourist attractions is the 3’rd or 4’th most popular attraction for Japanese tourist, next to the Grand Canyon, Banff, Albert and maybe Niagara Falls.

Being an island, PEI is a water playground.  If you are not in the water you will be on it.  World class fishing canoeing, and kayaking are all major attractions of PEI tourism. With all it’s sandy, white beaches and warm ocean waters you will be snorkeling, scuba diving, para sailing or seal watching in no time.

Confederation Bridge to PEI

The Confederation Bridge to PEI was completed in 1997 and fulfills a promise made to PEI when it joined Confederations 124 years earlier. The bridge is an engineering wonder and at 13 km long is the longest bridge over freezing water on the planet.  To cross over to PEI you start near the town of Aulac in New Brunswick and cross over the Northumberland Strait, arriving in PEI at the town of Borden-Carleton about 10 minutes later. The bridge itself can be considered a PEI tourism attraction with several view points on the bridge closer to the New Brunswick side the provide a spectacular view of this engineering feat.

PEI National Park

One of the top attractions in PEI, this national park occupies much of the northern coastline and central interior.  It provides a plethora of outdoor activities especially those interested in camping and picnicking.  The many trails and hiking paths make ideal venues for watching the over 300 bird species of PEI.  There are several beach areas, notably Cavendish, Brackley and Stanhope beaches. Check out the Singing Sands beach where the sand squeaks and sings as you walk along it.

Cavendish Beach is the home tourism PEI’s Green Gables House made famous by the book, movie and TV series “Anne of Green Gables”.  Green Gables House, one of PEI tourist attractions, is the 3’rd or 4’th most popular attraction for Japanese tourism, next to the Grand Canyon, Banff, Albert and maybe Niagara Falls.


The capital of PEI, Charlottetown is also the largest city in Prince Edward Island. It is a wonderful combination of quaint country town and modern day urbanism.  Indulge your need for good food in many of the contemporary restaurants in town.  Enjoy a great meal before taking in the must-see “Anne of Green Gables” musical, performed each summer in the Confederation Centre of the Arts, with its theatres, art gallery and museum.  Wonder down the harbor path to Victoria Park and enjoy one of Prince Edward Island attractions at Prince Edward Battery.

Summerside Prince Edward Island

Summerside is a picturesque and colorful ocean-side city and is the second largest city in PEI.  It is home to the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada, presenting many outdoor summer concerts and dance and music festivals.  Acadian Museum is yet another PEI tourism destination documenting the first European settlements on the island. These two tourist attractions provide a great way to enjoy a memorable day in this beautiful city. 

Confederation Trail in PEI

Originally this 273 km trail was a train rail bed that ran across the island from end to end.  However, when the train was no longer viable and closed down, it provided tourism PEI with the unique opportunity of constructing a walking, hiking and biking trail that spans the whole island.  The trail is well flat and well maintained, and since it was original a rail bed there are no steep hills, and inclines and declines are no more than a 2 per cent grade.  It provides the ideal beginner and intermediate biking experience with several spurs that can challenge most mountain bikers.

PEI Scenic Fishing Villages

A great way to experience the island is to drive along the coastal roads that introduce you to the many colorful and picturesque fishing villages, a main feature of PEI tourism.  Check out Malpeque Harbour, St. Peter’s Bay, High Bank, Cape Bear and Murray Harbour.  Enjoy a fresh fish catch of the day – it doesn’t get any better.

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