Follow these Rules to Choose the Best Vacation Rentals

Follow these Rules to Choose the Best Vacation Rentals

Your cherished vacation is finally coming up for you and your family and you’ve decided to save some of your precious cash by booking a vacation rental as an alternative to hotel accommodations.  Great idea! Now, just follow a few simple rules to ensure your experience with a rental homes by owner turns out to be a great one.

Contact the Owner Verbally

One of the best ways to ensure you are NOT dealing with a fraudster is to contact the owner or rental agent by phone, skype or some other verbal medium.  Verbal cues are second only to face to face communications when it comes to ascertaining the sincerity of any particular vacation rental owner or agent.

Using verbal communication you can easily ascertain the authenticity of an owner or rental agent by asking questions only an owner will know: ask details about the kitchen, the neighborhood, transportation, etc.  If a vacation homes owner refuses to talk to you verbally DO NOT send them any money and just move on to the next vacation home rentals on your list.

Check Vacation Rentals On-Line Reviews

On-line reviews of the property will give you a good idea about the accuracy of the on-line description of vacation rentals by owner.  As well as the good stuff, these reviews will also tell you about some of the bad stuff regarding any particular owner. To be fair, read reviews with a “grain of salt” since many reviewers may be just too picky and judgmental.  Remember that a dissatisfied or disgruntled reviewer is more likely to post their experience than a happy customer.  On the other hand be suspicious of only raving reviews as these may be planted.  Read between the lines of all reviews and be reasonable with your expectations.

Read the Contract

Be sure you read your rental contract and understand it thoroughly.  This is where any hidden charges will be outlined.  Check for extra cleaning charges, extra linen fees, handling of security deposits, and any other charges that may apply.  When you arrive at the vacation rental ensure you do a thorough examination of the property and take pictures of any pre-existing damage. Notify the owner in writing about any of these.  Upon check-out ensure you do a pre-departure walk around with the owner or their representative to agree on the state of the property upon your departure.  Take pictures as necessary.  Ensure you get your refund upon your departure or within the time limits agreed upon.

Be Sure of Your Amenities

Ensure all of the amenities you need are available and what you are expecting.  If high speed, broadband internet is important to you, make sure you verify this with the rental homes by owner.  Check on the availability of linens, kitchen appliances, etc.  For example, with cottage rentals, not all amenities you might be expecting are available in rural areas.  Location, location, location!  Make sure you are comfortable with the neighborhood you will be staying in.  If you are dependent on public transportation find out exactly how far you need to walk to begin and end your journey each day.  Lugging heavy bags around for miles can be tiresome.

Ask for a Deal

Never be afraid to ask for a deal.  Unless you are in a very high demand location, or season, you may find that owners are open to giving you a deal.  The longer you plan to stay in a vacation rental the better chance you are of getting a deal.  So ask for one.

Rules to Choose Vacation Rentals

Nothing can be guaranteed, but if you follow the few simple rules above your chances of getting what you expected will be much higher indeed. There are many places to search for rental vacation homes and one you may find helpful is Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. In particular they are a great web site for your next Canada vacation rental.  Here’s wishing you all the best of luck for your next holiday using vacation rentals.