8 Tourist Attractions in Quebec You Don’t Want to Miss

Quebec Tourist Attractions

First and foremost, Québec is a place of unique and unbelievable scenic wilderness together with modern cities of old world charm and excellent all season tourism. With history, covered bridges, monuments, gardens, heritage, and lighthouses – Quebec’s extensive list of interesting attractions will satisfy the most demanding of tourist interests.

Quebec, Canada

From bustling cities to sleepy towns, close-knit neighbourhoods to wide-open spaces there’s no shortage of ways to experience Québec!

Quebec is in possession of a thriving cultural life. Quebec tourist attractions will provide you with a gateway to culture and tourism.  Let the locals or a professional guide show you all the action: museums, live events, interpretation centres, and more!

Québecers love a party— hundreds of festivals take place each year! Summer and especially in winter, Québec’s cities and towns bubble with life. Come to Quebec and join the party! All over the province there are hundreds of Quebec vacation rentals to accommodate all your needs.

Québec: over half a million square miles to explore. Immense!

Space and activities abound when it comes time to play outside. Québec parks and Quebec tourism operators are constantly attempting to outdo each other in inventive ways to ensure your outdoor enjoyment and Quebec tourist attractions! SunriseVacationHomeRentals.com will help you find your next Quebec cottage rental or Quebec ski chalet rental.

St. Lawrence River Tourist Attractions

As one of the largest rivers in the world, the historic St. Lawrence provides access to the heart of the North American continent.  At 1,118mi (1,800-km) in length, it is home to islands, marine animals, lighthouses, coastal villages and bird sanctuaries. There is a huge world to explore from the shore or on the water, bound by rural and rugged coastline.

Whale Watching Along the St. Lawrence Estuary

This is one of the lesser known Quebec attractions, but an extremely popular tourist favorite in Quebec. One of the best places on the planet to observe marine animals and the Whale Route is the Manicouagan region in Quebec’s St. Lawrence Estuary. Thirteen different species of whales feed in this estuary, including the largest animal in the world, the Blue Whale.

Le Massif de Charlevoix in Quebec

One of the highest mountains along the Quebec shoreline of the St. Lawrence, Le Massif provides spectacular views and panoramas of the river and surrounding areas.  It provides a four season tourist destination with a wide range of accommodations and Quebec vacation rentals to suit any tourist budget.  One of the best Quebec attractions this mountain is home to an exciting winter ski resort providing memorable Quebec tourism.

Iles de La Madeline

Located right in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence this archipelago is made up of dozens of islands spread out far and wide just 124mi (200km) off the coast of the Gaspe – a perfect excuse for a cruise. This home to green valleys, red cliffs, golden sand beaches, multicolored houses is a feast for the eyes and senses. A veritable paradise of sailing, gliding, wind sports, hiking and biking.  Come see for yourself.

The Saquenay Fjord and National Park in Quebec

Magnificent and magical, this is one of the world’s most ancient geological formations, carved by the glaciers more than one billion (yes – BILLION) years ago.  The fjord is between 1 and 3km wide, running for a stretch of 120km.  It is lined with spectacular cliffs of heights between 150 to 400 metres – awe inspiring.  The beluga whale also makes it’s home here.

Tourist Attractions in Quebec City

Old Quebec City has an old French charm that will have you thinking you are in the heart of France itself. With its 17th and 18th century architecture, cobblestone streets and outdoor cafes, this city was founded by the first North American French settlers way back in 1608. Quebec City is the capital of the Quebec province and is visited by tourists from all over the world.  It is a must see for any Quebec vacation.

Old Montreal and Gatineau Cities in Quebec

Vibrant and festive, yet resolutely modern, the cities of Montréal, and Gatineau will show you historic and modern facets unique to these cities.  With their splendid surroundings, rich architectural heritage, and dynamic cultural melting pot these cities continue to respect nature and history.

Mont-Tremblant National Park in Quebec

Quebec takes great pride in Mont-Tremblant National Park, its largest national park with an extensive collection of lakes and rivers. Tour the park by canoe or on foot, it’s your choice. The Via Ferratta provides a challenging series of hikes. Use the help of a guide to cross suspension bridges, climb rocks and watch the serene Diable River below. Take an excellent ski day or week at either or both of Mont-Tremblant and Mont-Saint-Anne.

As a top NA destination, spend your holidays in Québec and enjoy an emotion-filled experience. Get to know local Québecers— you’ll find them to be genuine, down-to-earth people with hearts as big as the land is wide and open! Quebec attractions are some of the top in world.  Enhance your next Quebec vacation by visiting the Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals web site to find the most comprehensive listing of Quebec vacation rentals in Quebec.