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VIP Hotel In Singapore
(Balmoral Crescent )
Sleeps: 4
We have a total of 41 fully furnished cozy rooms. All rooms are fully carpeted and tastefully furnished to make your stay a comfortable one.
1,000.00 GBP per Week

Singapore’s Diversity, Elegant Attractions and Excellent Vacation Home Rentals

A small island nation, Singapore’s strategic location has always made it attractive. It connects the Middle East, Asia and Europe by sea making it not only a great destination for the tourist but also for the person with business interests. Yet perhaps what makes Singapore most enticing is its cultural diversity and its low crime rate. Accommodation in the main island city is equally diverse and includes elegant Singaporean apartment rentals and Singaporean villa rentals. The ethnic groups represented in Singapore include Chinese, Arabs, Indians and Malays while massive immigration has made the country some kind of melting pot. With English widely spoken (it is one of the official languages) touring or doing business in Singapore couldn’t be easier.

A blend of nature and modernity and a wide array of vacation home rentals

A leading global tourist destination, Singapore has a vibrant culture, unique attractions and a very diverse range of elegant vacation home rentals. Perhaps nothing speaks more eloquently about the popularity of this destination than the fact it has managed to attract over ten million annual visitors in recent years yet it is country with a population less than five million people.

Singapore’s breathtaking skyscrapers might be what comes to mind when the country is mentioned but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you never far away from nature when visiting the country. At the Singapore Zoo, get as close as you can get to over 300 species of animals from all continents. Quite unlike any other zoo you might have visited, animals at the Singapore zoo are not caged but are kept apart from the visitors by use of hidden moats as the city has adopted what is known as the “open zoo” policy. Your kids will love watching elephants and other huge animals as well as many butterfly species in an environment as close to nature as possible. Beach House Rentals in Singapore

For the real natural experience, head to rural Singapore to admire the orchids at Orchidville or enjoy the wide collection of flora and fauna at Farmart. Visit the various farms covering diverse animals and plants – from orchids to bees and ornamental fish and crabs. Enjoy too the wide variety of exotic meals available and indulge further by feeding the tortoises and other rare animals. End the day in an elegant Singaporean vacation home rental such as the ones listed at Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. Choose from Singaporean beach rentals, Singaporean villa rentals and Singaporean cottage rentals by owner among others.

Pristine beaches well served by elegant vacation home rentals

Singapore’s beaches are among the best in the world as you’ll discover by visiting the island of Sentosa which is among the country’s leading tourist destinations. Away from the waters, enjoy the island’s landmarks such as the WWII Siloso Fort. Choose from a wide variety of vacation home rentals available which includes Singaporean beach house rentals, Singaporean seaside beach rentals and Singaporean seaside cottage rentals by owner. When you stay on the main island, some of the top beaches you should consider visiting include the Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach and the East Coast Park.

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