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Rhiwlas Holiday Cottages
(Nebo , Chagang-do)
Sleeps: 4
Comfortable, spacious and relaxing holiday accommodation offered by welcoming hosts. Ideally placed for exploring the beautiful island of Anglesey.
1,000.00 GBP per Week

North Korea: Intriguing Location with Plenty of Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

While Pyongyang might lack the vibrancy associated with cities its size, it has plenty of reasonably priced accommodation in the form of North Korean apartment rentals, North Korean villa rentals and North Korean cottage rentals. You can see the full list of all possible North Korean vacation home rental accommodations by browsing the list available at From the comfort of your vacation home rental, visit other places of interest in Pyongyang such as the Central Zoo, the Korean War museum and the Joseon Revolutionary Museum.

Attractions and vacation home rentals outside the capital

While Pyongyang is the country’s leading attraction, there’s plenty to see and also an abundance of North Korean vacation home rentals in the rest of the country. Remember that North Korea has a coastline that runs over 1,500 miles and is home to elegant beaches which, courtesy of the country’s isolation, have remained largely unexplored. Accommodation close to the beaches is diverse and includes North Korean beach house rentals as well as North Korean seaside cottage rentals.

North Korea might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you are thinking about a holiday yet this intriguing location is home to rare attractions and a wide array of elegant vacation home rentals. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that mean-faced policemen all too ready to frisk you are what you expect when you visit this country. There is more to this country than just nuke-testing and anti-American chest thumping.

Your experience in North Korea is likely to be different from your experience anywhere else and that uniqueness is what attracts people here in the first place. First, there are no personal tours – you must have a tour guide. While North Korea is still a relatively undiscovered destination, it still attracts thousands of visitors from Asia and a sizeable number from the west. The North Korean tourist industry has recently benefited from the boom in China. A good number of Chinese visitors make North Korea part of their itinerary as there are direct flights from China to North Korea’s capital city Pyongyang. Beach House Rentals in North Korea

Pyongyang is the main attraction for visitors to North Korea and regardless of what you might have read in the press, this is a truly modern city. While in the city, delve in the country’s vast history (which the Koreans trace back to the 1st century B.C.) and visit the city’s landmarks. Most outstanding landmarks include the statue of Kim II-Sung. North Korean architecture is also breathtaking as you’ll discover by visiting the city’s other landmarks such as the Gates of Pyongyang and the Juche Tower.

Top North Korean destinations outside Pyongyang include the breathtaking Mt. Baekdusan which is not only the highest mountain in the Korean peninsula but is also home to a wide variety of wildlife including panthers and bears. Accommodation close the mountain is available in the form of North Korean mountainside cottage rentals.  Equally popular with visitors is Geumgangsan Diamond Mountain district with its picture perfect valleys, mountain peaks and waterfalls. For accommodation in the mountains, there are plenty of North Korean vacation home rentals available including North Korean cottage rentals.

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