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a wonderful villa full fuirnished air conditionning garden tv parking near the sea and the most beautiful beaches of tunisia
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Tunisia’s Diverse Attractions, Great History and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

The widest range of water activities is available including surfing, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. The country’s capital, Tunis, has plenty of beaches as do the towns of Tabarka and Sfax. These destinations also have a very diverse range of affordable vacation home rentals and you really have no reason to spend your money on expensive hotel accommodation. Typical Tunisian vacation home rentals to reserve include Tunisian beach house rentals , Tunisian villa rentals, Tunisian seaside cottage rentals, Tunisian condo rentals and Tunisian luxury cottage rentals.

Diversity all over and vacation home rentals to match

The Arab Spring could have made Tunisia popular but this destination has always attracted tourists courtesy of its diversity of attractions and sophisticated vacation home rentals. While the country has always been a hot tourist destination, it shot to world prominence in 2010 when its citizens forced their tyrannical leader out of power and thereby began a wave that saw other Arab countries follow suit leading to the removal of such powerful presidents as Kaddafi and Hosni Mubarak.

If Tunisia’s 2010 actions started the re-writing of Arab history, it was simply playing its traditional role as the place where great historical events have always taken place. This then is the destination of choice for archeologists and history buffs. And there is probably no better place to begin your Tunisian tour than the deeply historical city of Carthage. Beach House Rentals in Tunisia

Carthage’s history goes back several centuries BC and its architecture tells you very eloquently that it has variously been fought over and occupied by diverse peoples including Punics, Phoenicians and Romans. This then is the city of ancient Roman ruins, villas, cisterns and theaters. For a feel of Punic occupation, visit the city’s Byrsa Hill which has several Punic ruins. For the widest collection of artifacts covering several millennia, you must visit one of the city’s museums especially the National Archeological Museum, the Roman and Early Christian Museum or the Oceanographic Museum.

Tunisia’s pleasant all-year weather and its stunning Mediterranean coastline (1,000+ kilometers), makes it an ideal year-round destination. Compared to other Mediterranean destinations, Tunisia is also more pocket-friendly. The beaches in Tunisia are as diverse in features as they are in number. While some are palm-fringed and others rocky what never varies is the quality of entertainment.

Perhaps the greatest attraction of Tunisia as a tourist destination is its diversity. The best way to experience this diversity is to move from the coastal regions and take your adventure to new levels by exploring the Sahara, the world’s biggest desert.

Enjoy your adventure the way the Tunisians have always done by taking a camel ride although you have the option of a quad bike. If you enjoyed the movie “Star Wars”, you’ll enjoy the Tunisian site where it was shot even more.

Should you find the Sahara too energy-sapping, how about cooling it off in the country’s mountainous north where there plenty of hiking trails? Available in equally great diversity are Tunisian vacation home rentals as you’ll discover by visiting Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. You could therefore reserve a Tunisian beach house rental, a Tunisian apartment rental or a Tunisian cottage rental by owner.

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