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Pingouinvillas In Blue Bay
(Blue-Bay , Vacoas-Phoenix)
Sleeps: 4
Stay at Pingouinvillas with home comforts and amenities of a resort all for less than the price of a hotel room.
409.00 GBP per Week

Mauritius’s Perfect Weather, Wonderful Attractions and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

With 12 hours of sunshine for most days of the year, Mauritian beaches are the perfect place to simply laze around or get a suntan.  Leading beaches you should consider visiting include Pelle Mare, Grand Baie and Blue Bay. Within the vicinity of these great beaches are a multitude of convenient and tastefully furnished Mauritian vacation home rentals including Mauritian beach house rentals, Mauritian seaside cottage rentals, Mauritian villa rentals and Mauritian apartment rentals.

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is simply a paradise island famous for its pristine beaches, perfect all-year weather and a vast range of sophisticated vacation home rentals. Evidence of the popularity of this destination is available in the form of ever-increasing arrivals and the fact that tourism is today one of the island’s biggest foreign exchange earners.

While Mauritius has typically been a high-end destination, the pleasures that a stay here guarantees are now available for budget visitors especially since it is now possible to avoid the debilitating costs of hotel accommodation. By reserving a convenient Mauritian vacation home rental, you can make substantial savings without in any way making your visit here less memorable.

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With a land area slightly above 2,000 square kilometers, Mauritius is certainly a small country which you could explore in a short time although the attractions here could keep you engaged for quite some time. The island is most famous for its beaches whose white sands and fringes of palm and casuarinas trees are not only picture-perfect but abound with the most diverse range of water activities. Head here then for water skiing, sailing and surfing. Consider too the fact that the islands enjoy tropical weather which only fluctuates slightly during the seasons to appreciate why this is a popular destination throughout the year. Beach House Rentals in Mauritius

More to Mauritius than just beaches and elegant vacation home rentals

While the island’s beaches are a prime attraction, this paradise island has much more to offer.

Nature lovers are mesmerized by the wonders of the popular Pamplemousses Botanical Garden in Port Louis. For a country its size and considering the obvious population pressure, it is impressive that close to 60 acres of land have been devoted to the creation of this wonderful garden. An 18th century creation, these massive gardens have a massive collection of the rarest tropical plants and animals.

More natural attractions await you in the massive Black River Gorges National Park where you can expect to see rare animals such as the flying fox and bulbul which are unique to the country.

Port Louis, the capital city, provides the perfect opportunity to mingle with the very-friendly multi-racial and multi-religious locals. An old city that was built in the mid-1700s, Port Louis carries plenty of Mauritian history as is evident from the plenty of colonial buildings around. Remember too to visit the city’s museums principally the Natural History Museum and the Blue Penny Museum.

Mauritius has an abundance of picturesque waterfalls and some of the leading ones you should consider visiting include Exil, Tamarind and Chamarel. Close to the natural wonders are many Mauritian vacation home rentals and you should consider reserving a Mauritian cottage rental, a Mauritian farm house rental or a Mauritius beach house rental.

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