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The Garden Guest House
(Bakau , Lower River)
Sleeps: 12
We are in Katchikally in Tuman street. It's a quiet part of Bakau, a town large by Gambian standards, small compared to Europe.
150.00 GBP per Week

Gambia: The Gem That Is Home To Excellent Attractions and Elegant Vacation Home Rentals

Beaches in Gambia are breathtakingly beautiful and you could begin the fun by visiting Banjul’s Cape Point Beach. Other leading beaches not to be missed include Kololi, Sanyang and Bijilo. For accommodation close to the beach resorts, you have a wide range Of Gambian vacation home rentals to choose from as you’ll discover by visiting Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals. The diverse range available includes Gambian beach house rentals, Gambian apartment rentals, Gambian villa rentals, Gambian seaside cottage rentals and Gambian seaside cottage rentals by owner.

Gambia for game, birding and historical sites close to elegant vacation home rentals

With its very diverse attractions, pleasant year-round weather and elegant vacation home rentals all concentrated in a very small country, Gambia is every tourist’s dream destination. Gambia is actually so small in size that you could easily miss it on the map – it seems to get suffocated out of fresh air by the all-encompassing Senegal – but its attractions are the envy of its bigger neighbors and it comes as no surprise that it has a hugely successful tourism industry.

What immediately attracts tourists to this paradise destination are its pleasant all-year weather and its 50 kilometer Atlantic coastline. A major attraction is the country’s capital city, Banjul, which is situated on the Atlantic coast. A city whose history goes back several centuries ago, Banjul has occupied a central position in Gambian history as it was used both for the propagation and later suppression of slave trade.

The British, who were Gambia’s colonial masters, called the city Bathurst but independent Gambia chose the more meaningful Mandinka name. As the country’s center of commerce through the ages, Banjul is full of history and some must-visit places here include the African Heritage Museum, the Gambian National Museum and the city’s many mosques. Beach House Rentals in Gambia

Deciding when to visit Banjul (or any part of Gambia for that matter) is a no-brainer as the city enjoys a warm sunny climate throughout the year. Apart from the month of August when heavy rains might spoil the party, you are assured of great weather all year as the annual temperature here average about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nature is taken seriously in Gambia and perhaps nothing shows this more clearly than the fact that this tiny country has devoted close to 4% of its land to national parks and reserves. The country has six national parks which host diverse wildlife including chimps, crocs, snakes, hippos and monkeys. Leading parks that should be on your must-visit list include Abuko Nature Reserve close to the Atlantic coast, the Niumi National Park to the country’s northwest and the Kiang West National Park which lies close to another leading attraction, the Gambia River.

Gambia is also the birder’s paradise as it is home to almost 600 different bird species. The government has specifically created protected areas for the birds and leading birders destination here include the Abuko Nature reserve and the Ginack Island National Park.

Gambian history has become so inextricably tied with slavery ever since African-American best-selling author, Alex Haley wrote “Roots” and actually located his ancestors’ home as the Gambian village of Juffure. This made the village a hit with visitors and today it hosts the “Roots Heritage Tour” which you might want to take part in. For more on slave trade, consider visiting Fort James on James Island which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the vicinity of the great natural attractions and historical sites, you’ll find a very diverse range of Gambian vacation home rentals and you can choose from Gambian apartment rentals, Gambian beach rentals and Gambian farm house rentals.

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