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Flats in Luxor -  Image 1 of 10
Flats in Luxor - Al Gezera
(Luxor )
Sleeps: 6
Situated on the edge of Al Gezera village, the Nile is just 10 minutes walk away. Within sight of both Luxor & Hatshepsut temple with fabulous views of the Theban Hills, all round panoramic views. Four 3 bed 2 bath apartments (incl onsite owner)
75.00 USD per Day
Gouna Villa for Rent Image 1 of 3
Gouna Villa for Rent
(Hurghada )
Sleeps: 9
The villa is in El Gouna and has a great view... it also has a private pool and an extra room for the driver or the maids. The Villa sleeps up to 10 people and is fully equipped.
1,000.00 USD per Week
Flats in Luxor -  Image 1 of 6
Flats in Luxor - Goubli
(Luxor , Qina)
Sleeps: 6
This building is situated on one mile from the banks of the Nile, in a rural location so lots of peace and quiet. Within sight of Hatshepsut’s temple with fabulous views of the Theban Hills and all round panoramic views.
50.00 USD per Day
Pyramids Vista, stun Image 1 of 3
A stunning view of the Great Pyramids and light show from the comfort of your apartment. Enjoy the breeze and picturereque sunset over the Pyramids from the balcony. Convenient, spacious A/C modern apartment. Well equipped. Providing you with all the comf
1,000.00 USD per Week
55b Hurghada Image 1 of 15
55b Hurghada
(Hurghada , Al Bahr al Ahmar)
Sleeps: 8
Detached, single storey, seperate entrance, in(on) a(an) Private property
350.00 EUR per Week

Egypt: Colossal Monuments, Great Weather and Excellent Vacation Home Rentals

Cairo happens to be a rather expensive city as you will discover when looking for hotel accommodation. However, you need not spend your holidays in a hotel as there are plenty of comfortable and affordable Egyptian vacation home rentals available in Cairo and the other leading cities such as Alexandria and Aswan. The wide range available includes Egyptian villa rentals, Egyptian apartment rentals, Egyptian beach house rentals and Egyptian seaside cottage rentals. To see the full listing available for this destination as well as locations in North America, please visit Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals.

Splendid coastline, pleasant weather and sophisticated vacation home rentals

Awesome as Egypt’s monuments are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is so much more that this destination offers.

The Mediterranean Sea is a huge attraction and you best enjoy it from the city of Alexandria. The pleasant weather in Alexandria (which is much cooler than Cairo) means that you can visit the city’s pristine beaches throughout the year.

The Red Sea, with its countless beach resorts, is also a great attraction. The city of Sharm El Sheikh is world-famous for its resorts which abound with water activities.

The pyramids of Egypt, one of the original Seven Wonders of the World, are world-famous as is the country’s excellent weather and diverse range of elegant vacation home rentals. For most people, pyramids are uniquely Egyptian. Of course this is not true but the three pyramids at Giza are the world’s most awe-inspiring. Wonderful as they are, a visit to this history-rich country reveals many more. For temples and ancient monuments, there’s hardly a global destination that can rival Egypt. This explains why it is the destination of choice for historians and archeologists. Villa Rentals in Egypt

The Nile has excited people throughout the ages not just because it is the world’s longest river (yeah, it’s longer than the Amazon) but has drainage basins in over 10 African countries. For this reason alone, conquest of the river’s source was a prime consideration for colonizing European powers primarily the British who went about it with a measure of lunacy as exemplified by the colossal amounts spent constructing a railway line from the Indian Ocean to Uganda. (The train that followed was appropriately christened “The Lunatic Express”).

Today, a visit to Egypt would be incomplete without enjoying the popular Nile cruises. There plenty of luxury cruises available but the real experience awaits you aboard the sail boats called Feluccas. These vintage boats are what the Egyptians have used to navigate the river throughout history. Moreover, a Nile cruise brings you face to face with the massive temples, monuments and millennia-old tombs that Egypt is famous for.

Cairo, the country’s capital, is very representative of Egypt and abounds with countless attractions. A massive metropolis that has a population approaching 20 million, Cairo is home to ancient mosques and churches and the must-visit part of the city should be what is known as Medieval Cairo. To get a glimpse of the country’s extensive and very proud history, you must visit the city’s Egyptian Museum which is packed with thousands of artifacts that go back thousands of years.

Regardless of your location in Egypt, you are never far away from elegant and reasonably-priced Egyptian vacation home rentals including Egyptian condo rentals,  Egyptian apartment rentals  and Egyptian villa rentals.

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